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Do you like Iron Maiden?


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Well, I enjoy several songs of Maiden's, such as Fear of the Dark, The Evil that men do, the trooper, aces high, and so on. But lately I have lost my affection to metal and I'm surveying new fields into electronic music. In other words, I've become aware that there are many other genres that satisfy me more than metal. Be that as it may, these songs will be eternally in my PC and mobile phone for the moments in which I would like to recall old times. In fact, I did two Final Fantasy AMVs using Fear of the Dark, and The Evil that men do. Here they are.

By the way, I dare say that the golden age of Iron Maiden passed away. Don't you think that between 1985-1995 there was huge expasion of many different metal subgenres? I regard these years as the age of expansion. With nothing more to say, the evil that men do, goes on and on!!

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