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KK Setlist - An Aborted Animal Crossing Project


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First off, note to mods, I have DJP's permission to have this thread posted in this forum. I fully understand it's only temporary and will eventually be moved, but he gave the ok to have it here for now.

I'm sure many of you know that for well over a year I've been working on an Animal Crossing project. I had a good number of tracks, people I knew I could count on to come through last minute once I had a set deadline and a potential ace up my sleeve in the case of a massive 30+ minute medley. Hopes were high, progress was swift. Things were on track for a Christmas 2008 release.

Then I hit a snag. That medley.

The man working on it was to have worked on it all last summer for a fall deadline and a Christmas release. It wasn't going to happen, so I figured I would wait until spring 09 for a release. That got bumped as well. I finally asked what kind of time frame he would have needed as the project was very dependent on his track. He said he could have it finished over the summer... almost a full year from the original goal. I figured, "Sure, why not" and delayed the project to Christmas 09, a full year of a delay.

Months passed and the song showed very little progress. I understand he's a busy person and the company he is with takes up a lot of his time, but I was hoping for a little bit more.

Fast forward to today. I ask him the status and if there's any chance it'll be done any time soon. The answer was that it wasn't done, he doesn't have his guitar anymore, it would be months more until it was ready.

I made the decision to end it.

KK Setlist: An Animal Crossing Remix Project was going to be my ode to Animal Crossing. What started out as just KK Slider cover songs was expanded into a full Animal Crossing tribute spanning the different games and themes. I had high hopes that I'd be able to pull off what I wanted to do with the soundtrack. I was pretty close, but that one track was the killer for me.

What I am releasing is a 34 track collection of many finished tracks and some WIPs of tracks that never made it. 22 tracks are complete and ready to go and feature artists such as Diggi Dis, Mustin, Mazedude, OA, posu yan, Sixto and what may be known as Benedikt "Zeratul" Terhechte's final song as he told me he no longer plans to make music. The final project would've included other songs that dont' even have WIP representations because they were artists that didn't start yet. They were the guys who would usually come through last minute and without a solid deadline, there was no reason to rush them to start. 12 WIP tracks are also included. Some are near finished, some are rough demos and some are just sketches.

None of the files have been properly tagged and the WIP files aren't even properly named. There is no track order. And no, there is no album art (I know some of you are hardcore about having album art). I also do not plan on releasing any of the WAV files.

What you get is 1 hour and 53 minutes of music that people worked very hard on for a project that will never see the light of day.

At the urging of some friends and some of the remixers, I've made all the finished tracks and some select WIPs available in a bittorrent that you can download, check out and hopefully enjoy.

Torrent is available at: http://www.legittorrents.info/index.php?page=torrent-details&id=bbbf29e8e5704eee610bcdfe591f4203cd573872

If you are interested in helping seed, contact me on AIM and I will get you a RAR file so you can help seed. Do not ask if you don't intend to help seed. I've got a small handful of seeders on board right now, but speeds may be slow, so please be patient.

Tracks are as follows:

Benedikt Terhechte-Kristina

Crazy Crakaz-7am (feat. Chico Ray) (EXPLICIT LYRICS)

DCT-7am (Instrumental)

Diggi Dis-Camrade

FFmusic Dj-KKmusic Dj

FFmusic Dj-KKmusic Dj (alt)

Girlz Melon-Only Me

Level 99-Shimmering in the Dark


Mustin & Anthony Lofton-I Got Soul

Mustin-K.K. Sex-A-Peel

OA-Letting Go

Pocketman-Just a Summer Drizzle

posu yan-goodoldays

posu yan-purdieoldays

Salluz-Enjoying the Rain

Sixto Sounds-Acetone

Sixto Sounds-Rockin the Crossing

Theory of Nonexistence-Mr. Soccerball

Tim Sheehy-1am Smile

Tim Sheehy-T.S. Aria

VHDan-Rider's Bewailment

I thank all the remixers who made music for this project and I apologize that you've all waited so long just to have it end without an official release. Enjoy the music guys.

EDIT: Courtesy of KyleJCrb, here is a direct download rar file of all songs, tagged and numbered as he saw fit with album art included. http://kngi.org/mirrors/KKSetlist-AbortedAnimalCrossingReMixProject.rar

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This just made my day that much more depressing...JoeCam, when I messaged you the other day my intent was to see how things were going with this but I didn't want to be a bother.

It is good to see that so much work did go into this and that it was not in vein, but it pains me to see so much of "what it could have been". I'm sorry, I know I'm saying how you feel about it too, but just letting you know that it hurts here too, brotha.

Rocking that crossing, indeed.

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Well, this is damn bittersweet. I was looking forward to a proper release of this at some time, since I'm a HUGE Animal Crossing fan and would have liked to see this soundtrack done some proper justice. Still, this many Animal Crossing songs at once is a pretty great consolation prize, even if many of them are unfinished :-)

I appreciate the work you and all the contributing artists put into this, and I'm sure there'll be plenty of awesome songs for me to listen to when I get home from school that'll make this sad news a lot easier to swallow.

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Why didn't you just officially release this with less tracks or something? You could've just said "right, project done now" taken all the finished tracks- pulled together some artwork and done a mini-project release. It's a shame, I was looking forward to this, still, does mean I can go download it all now!

Sorry to hear about it.

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First off, thanks for releasing and managing this project, man. Must've taken awhile to get things straight. Thanks to all the remixers who participated in this as well. Going to download this in a bit. Even though I'm not a fan of the source material, I bet this stuff will be excellent. After all, Bound Together turned me into a huge fan of Earthbound music despite not being familiar with the original soundtrack in the first place.

All that being said, I find it extremely weird that you're not treating it as a full-fledged project despite some solid work put into it. All this because of one medley from an "important remixer" which got delayed indefinitely. It's like the project itself and its success depends on this one medley track or something. I find the excuse for not releasing it "properly" weird. I don't want to put words into anyone's mouth, but this type of treatment might be offensive to the other remixers who put a lot of work into their tracks. Harvesting the solid tracks that made it in and trying to put the canceled stuff behind has always been done in projects like this. I mean...you can't win 'em all, right? So the least you can do is make a big deal out of the work put into the project and simply ignore everything else. I'm not saying you have to promote it like a madman, but your post makes me feel that this project is your illegitimate child or something. A basic website with tagged tracks is more than enough for a proper send off.

I hope you don't take my criticisms as offensive, man. You managed "Bound Together" for crying out loud! What's the harm of hyping up this project the same way? I mean...this is good for people like us to check forums. I'm not demanding more. I just like to see a bit more hype going into the finished work for your own sake and the remixers attached to it. After all, those are some pretty big names there, right?

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virt was not involved in any way. I would prefer to keep to myself who the one behind "the song" was. He has his reasons for being unable to complete the song and while it annoys me that so much time was wasted waiting on him, I don't want others to be upset at him for this.

Again, I wasn't even planning on releasing what is here. I emailed the remixers and told them that the project was off and they could do what they wish with the track they sat on for over a year. At the urging of a few of them and some other people, I threw everything together to give to the public. I don't feel comfortable releasing a project officially if it's only about 60-70% of what the planned release was. I know some people aren't going to understand my decision, but a lot of it came down to just moving on past this and honestly just getting it over and done with. So much time was wasted on this, all of the songs are over a year old...

I just hope you guys are enjoying it.

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thanks for releasing the songs, Joe. I'm sorry that the project didn't work out like you wanted. :-(

There are some really good songs on here. Girlz Melon is the winner I think.

Yeah, I have to agree. A lot of the "album" was a miss for me, honestly, just due to stylistic clashes with my personal tastes, but there were a few that stood out - Sixto's K.K. Western WIP, Girlz Melon, Diggi Dis, and your song, OA :-)

Also, all of the short WIPs with "jm" listed as the artist name are top-notch. Who's responsible for those 3 songs?

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Yo Joe, I'm really happy for you, even though you didn't finish... but Bound Together was one of the best projects of ALL TIME!

One of the best projects of ALL TIME!


[hands the mic back over]


(I'mma check it out, loved OA's track, so the rest will be strong.)

This meme has become so widespread so fast that I think there should be a law about it:

Everybody gets one.

Anyways, yeah, I really enjoyed a lot of the songs I listened to last night...people took stuff places I didn't imagine them to. That little acoustic-guitar doggie would have crapped his pants.

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