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ALBUM RELEASE: Zombie Friends - A Tribute to Injury

JH Sounds

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Sup! This album began as a running gag in the One Hour Compos. In OHC049 I did a remix medley of starla's "Wrong" and "Beans", and from then on I inserted melodies from past starla entries at the end of my own entries each week until OHC055. At that point I had intended to expand the starla portions (or 'starlariffs') into full-on arrangements of the source material. This album is essentially a spin-off from that concept.

Track list:

01. "Overture"

02. "Zombie Friends"

03. "All I Have"

04. "Wrong/Beans"

05. "Daisy Chain/Robot Land"

06. "An Injured Medley"

07. "Way Back Home"

08. "Leather and Lace"

09. "Pants"

Further info (i.e. stuff about the source material) is included in the 'Notes' file of the download.


alternatively MegaUpload link

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Finished it not two minutes ago. I had mixed reactions again, just like with the Bad Dudes album, but this time I had many less negative ones. Honestly, I think you've substantially improved your methods of writing, and the sounds are overall better. Things still feel a little rushed, but the instrumentation is more elaborate than your previous work. I personally wanted some bigger beats with a few songs, but what was there was good. The biggest drawback is it feels like you could be doing so much more with the material you have. It's good, it's satisfying for sure, but I know you can do worlds better :-)

Bottom-line: liked it better than the Bad Dudes, Starla will be proud, but I want you to go balls-to-the-wall on the next one. I hope I didn't critique too badly, bro.

I appreciate you taking the time to comment on the album. Thanks.

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Overture, Zombie Friends and An Injured Medley are clearly the best tracks in my opinion. I had an eargasm at 00:33 in An Injured Medley. Overall not bad at all, especially considering just64helpin is notorious for his REALLY TERRIBLE REMIXES!!1!~ lolololol. now I just need someone to make a F4T4L tribute album. in it will be a collection of .nsf files and Star Wars music.

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64's still got a ways to go, but this I felt was a serious improvement over his last album... 3 weeks ago.

Seriously, man, start taking your time on these tracks. I know you're dying to get material out, but now you've got material out. Its time to bone up some.

You're making headway, now get serious.


(Ironically enough)

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Ok, finally got to hearing it.

Due to the nature of this album (half cover / half original), I can't really be impartial.

Even more so when I like both her music and yours.

That being said, I enjoyed it a lot as you can imagine. It has a chill, jazz feel to it that I can't ignore.

This distinctive style, with really beautiful moments, voluntarily goofy ones, and sometimes cohesion of both, is what makes it unique.

I like almost every track of this album, and can once again appreciate the very emotional feeling that emanate from your music.

Actually I really wish Starla was singing on top of your solo piano in Wrong/Beans.

That would have been a memorable colab... er, I mean it will be. Make it happen! :grin:

Only complain is Leather and Lace. Clearly not your best work, and really not fitting with the rest of the tracks.

But I still like those 20 minutes albums. They loop really well, and before you know it, you can't get those melody out of your head...

So keep them coming!

Oh, and nice hidden reprise of Magical Bags of Chips after Pants by the way. ;-)

I'll finish mine one day for sure...

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I listened to this one today, sorry it took me so long, I hadn't managed to load it into my iPod for a while.

I liked the relaxed vibe of this album. It also had this sparse, minimalist feeling to it too. I liked Overture and Wrong/Beans. Daisy Chain was pretty damn gansta. Playful starla melodies combined with just64helpin's jazzy tones makes this a nice listen.

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