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What are you going as for Halloween?!


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A friend of mine today showed up at school dressed up as Vince the infomercial guy. Slap Chop, Graty, Shamwow, Slap Chop apron, headset and even the haircut! He carried his iPod shuffle around with a mini speaker too for the voice (including Slap Chop remix)

He's such a nerd <3

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I had the recent inspiration to try and put together a really cheap proton pack and be a ghostbuster. I've found most of the materials; the question now is having the time to put it together this late in the game.

Excellent' date=' I'm not the only crazy person. I didn't construct it but I paid a pretty penny for a fixer upper. The main body and such was in place but there was still a few hours work left to be done to make it look good. This is no small feat you're taking on sir. Here's mine at about 90% done.


Good luck. The more of us there are in the world the happier I am!

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Brushfire is way too obsessed with TF2:


Haha, I also ended up going as a spy from TF2. It worked because people who played TF2 got it, but for people who didn't I just had to say that I was a spy.

Someone ended up making me do the GENTLEMEN meme with the cigarettes but they haven't uploaded it yet.

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