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1999-2009: Ten Years of OC ReMix!

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Happy B-Day OCR!

I guess this is the place to tell my story, right?

Well, I joined the forums just over a year ago but had been listening to ReMixes for about a year before that. The FFVII album is what brought me to the site, I found it on some other website, the name thereof escapes me at this point, whilst looking for guitar tabs to some of the music... Namely Vincent's theme and the Cosmo Canyon theme... and thought it would be interesting to hear re-interpretations of some classic VGM.

So, I finally joined, posted a couple of reviews, posted in the newbies thread, had a sig made, joined the second Off-Top wolf game and posted a few more reviews. Well, from there things have definately died down on my posting and overall activity on the forums.

With OCAD going now, I have a good excuse to spread the site to my friends again and a better reason to at least watch the forums from time to time. :-P

Hopefully the site stays around long enough for me to at least sub a ReMix. Even if I never get posted...

Well, as was said previously, NICE WORK to djp and the other members of the site staff, and Nice (10th) Birthday to OverClocked ReMix, may there be many more to come!

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Happy birthday, OCR! I still remember the first time I came to this site. It was after the 100th mix was posted. I found a link to OCR on vgmusic.com and followed it. I remember going "WTF!" when I couldn't find any Pokémon reMixes on the site. But that problem's been fixed.

Here's to another 10 years!

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Jeeze, 10 years? When I first found this site (through an EGM article in 2001 I think) I literally could not believe it. I'd been recording game music with off-air boom boxes and firing up in-game sound tests to pass the time since the NES, and the idea that there were so many people who felt the same way about game music floored me. OCR instantly became one of my favorite sites and remains so to this day.

"Fan" might not be a strong enough word here. This site's very existence is almost magical wish-fulfillment. Hats off to everyone involved, from Pretzel to the ReMixers themselves - everything is amazing. I try to link the site as often as possible (through articles on GamesRadar) and am always happy to see comments or replies that echo the same awe I felt the first time I visited the site.

10 more years!

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If you think that's impressive, I know another game music site that will enter its terrible teens this year...

I'll keep the VGMix comments to myself after putting my two cents in the Revival thread...er wait...I don't think VGMix is even ten yet.

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Happy 10th OCR! :nicework:

Thank you for the friends I've made, the wonderful experiences I've had working with the site, the musical education and inspiration I wouldn't have gotten otherwise, the constant laughs, the sanity you provided throughout grad school, and most importantly, THE REMIXES!

Let's keep it rolling for many many years to come :)

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I love this place. No doubt it's had an influence on my life.

For something like this to bring me to tears, grabbing my emotion, you know it is deeply heartfelt when I say thank you to everyone involved who made this place what it is!

Amen to that. If you're not moved at all by the Dragon Song, you probably have no soul.

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Just voted on my tenth remix today, felt good! CELEBRATION! :nicework:

Also, I wanted to thank Dave, OCR and (even though he smells and is less cool than Dave) Larry for keeping this place alive. It basically gave me an education and a road towards what will probably be my job in the future. All while giving anyone and everyone some of the best free music on the mighty internets. 10 years? Here's to 10 more!

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Happy birthday, OCR! It's been a strange and interesting ride...

...but one I'm better for having taken :)

I found OCR in 2002, when John Romero linked to it on his site. I was like "oh no not another one of these videogame midi sites" and then I realized what it actually was and my mind was totally BLOWN. I spent the ensuing months obsessing about OCR, making OCR mix cd's and having game music constantly going through my head. I had only ever done some midis and I didn't really have any musical equipment, so I thought there was no way I could make music sound as good as the mixes on the site. I thought it would take forever before I did anything decent. But then my first mix got two YES votes, and my second one was accepted and posted in January 2003 (both were made in MODplug with free soundfonts) so it didn't take long :). My life has been different ever since. I realized that I could actually make music that sounded good and people liked it!

The politics and other stuff really bogged me down a few years later, though, and made me lose sight of what interested me about OCR in the first place. I "quit" the community in late 2005/early 2006 partly for that reason, partly for other personal reasons, partly because I felt like people weren't really liking what I was doing anymore, and partly just because I was embarrassed to tell people that I liked videogame music. To anyone who finds themselves in a situation like I was in - if you really like or care about OCR or any other place like this and feel like you really want to make a difference, just try to make the most positive amount of difference with what you have the ability to make, and let the rest go. And also, sometimes it's good to quit for awhile and come back. Gives you a fresh perspective.

I was wary about coming back to OCR because of my transitioning from male to female, among many other things. "Liz" is a "joke" account that I created in 2004 that turned out to not be a joke (in case I'm being too vague, adhesive_boy = me). It's weird when you have any sort of name recognition amongst people already, especially under an opposite gendered moniker. But I've talked to some friends in the community and went back and listened to some of my favorite soundtracks and found many reasons to be interested in videogame music again.

So, once again... happy birthday, OCR! I look forward to the next 10 years.

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The best thing about OCR, besides the awesome concept and content, is the community. What could be cooler than the collaborative remixing of video game music in a community of utterly committed and enthusiastic musicians, and near-legions of video game music lovers?

I think OCR is a dream come true, not just for djp, but for everyone who has ever found this site.

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