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OCR01167 - Streets of Rage "Drop and Roll"

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This is solid stuff. I welcome any SoR ReMix with open arms, and this is a nice addition to the stable of them. Any lack of originality in the overall arrangement is balanced by the pure energy and enjoyment that can be gotten from the song. Well worth the download.

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This is a really great, high energy mix. The filter is worked VERY nicely, and I love how it doesn't get boring.

I didn't like the static in it, but you can't have a pineapple and make it dance on a horse. Still a good mix. Very much reminds me of TCM as well. Very cool.

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First of all, I would like to bring up a point that Stage 1 BG music is probably the best piece in the whole trilogy. Sure SOR2 had the best soundtrack, but the Stage 1 has always been the funkiest, the one that gave the character to the series and resonated in other tracks throughout the series.

For quite a while I have been wondering why no one has ever succefully

tackled the remix of the Stage 1 BGM. And finally it arrived. Tefnek did an excellent job. Simplistic? Repetitive? Those arguments should sound ridiculous, especially in times when hip-hop is the ruling genre in the music industry. This mix has everything that it needs to retain the

character of the original.

Sure it doesn't have the flavor of "Tripping on the Bridge", the intensity of "Blaze the Siren", or the melodic melancholy of "Slow Moon Groove", but it has the arrogant bulldozer energy of a solid big beat track.

And what's up with Vigilante, the judge? Why is he trying to judge an

electronic dance track by the same standards as a fully orchesrtated

RPG piece? Isn't just about any rock or pop track on the radio nowadays

painfully repetitive? And what about rap and hip hop, where one sample is

reused throughout the song? Why are those artists making millions?

Even the most likable modern day pop track will seem idiotic and as if it

were composed by a 2yo, when you compare it to Chaikovsky or Vivaldi.

Even the most elaborately composed rock/pop song, won't compare to the

complexity of Bach's polyphony.

Yet the dumb little 4-5 minute loud tracks have one thing that attracks

people - CHARACTER!!! It is sad to see that tracks here are judged by

some solely based on their complexity, with little regard to personality.

And yes, some techno tracks do have personality, rarely, but they do.

And tefnek's track is a good example of a MACHINE with a SOUL.

To TEFNEK: fantastic track. Can't stop listening to it. Respect![

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MY GOD!!!! I cant believe the judges almost made us lose this one!! This is GREAT!!!!!!!!

I think judges should not vote when they dont like the style to start with... I mean I often hear some mix that I dont understand why they even passed but then I tell myself, ok its not as if I LOVED the style... so maybe someone loves it!

And this my friend is a song I LOVE!!!!!! Reminds me a lot of Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, Crystal Method, etc!!!

And for the judges saying no to this let me tell you that for a electronic fan and especially for a big beat fan this is easily one of the best remixes out there!!!!!!

Way to go boy! bring some more this way!!!!:)

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I'd have to agree with everything before, I love the music from the SoR (I own all the games. + 2 to geekness) games and this track totally caught me be surprise when I first listened.

This is definitely the best remix I've listened to in some time (and I've listened to pretty much everyone I can find) and to hear that it almost didn't make it sends shudders down my spine.

Listening to it on surround sound it probably the highlight of my day to day. The funky guitar-ish thing is really, really, really cool.

Kudos, and keep it up man, this was awesome.

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this is very impressive. sometimes i think i can hear 4 or 5 instruments going. then other times i hear 20. its like an eye-opener.. but for your ears. Keep it up tefnek. you definately have an ear for making an awesome song ever better.

3:50 - 4:10 is my favorite part.

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This remix kicked my ass!!! way to go man! this is one of the most energetic songs i've ever heard! the guitar is the best part. i have a feeling i'll have this song on loop for about a week. please mix more streets of rage songs tefnek!

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yah baby!

this is a really really fun mix, non stop funkn' beats. I even love the little voice goin "Stage 1" to let the nonSOR players know where this tune originated from. this is one of those great mixes where u let someone listen to and u say, ya this is a track from an old Genesis game! and of course the foolish simpleton says "whoooa, no way dude". Just shows HOW MUCH can be done with the right remixin skills, and the right source material (thanx to Tefnek and Yuzo for this music :!: )

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Whoa, this is so Big Beat it hurts. But in a good way. The synths chosen fit perfectly for their assigned tasks, and mad kudos go for the nice use of digital aliasing.

One small note for the people questioning the judge's hesitation of posting this: The song may be awesome, but you have to ask yourself "How much awesomeness is the result of the remixer, and how much is the result of the original composer." And in this case, it was close. Although if the judges had refused this track it woulda been a damn shame.

Although Big Beat may have been absolutely hated by every pioneering electronica artist of the 90's, it's cool to see someone keeping the dream alive. Don't stop, tefnek. :nicework:

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