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NFL Playoffs


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the jets: is why you don't rest players down the stretch. while everyone is concerned with what resting players down the stretch will do to the team doing the resting, nobody notices that two gimme wins to an otherwise dead team with a vicious defense and a strong running game not only got the jets into the playoffs but also transformed them into the hot, confident team nobody wants to face. what do you think made the giants so dangerous a couple of years ago? a hot team with a tough as nails defense and a strong running game. oh yeah and the steelers last year.


anyways, good for the jets. with their likely next opponent being the colts (not resting peyton) in indy, i'd say cinderella's not gonna make it to midnight let alone past it. but hey, that had to be great fun today.

eagles suck.

EDIT: also, atmuh, you're still the most sexxeh to me ;)

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I was completely stunned to see an NHL playoffs thread in here. In January no less.


This is the worst post-season ever.

I HATE the Jets

I HATE the Cowboys

If the Patriots win tomorrow, it will prove conclusively that there is no God.

Or more likely, he simply doesn't like you.

I can't say I follow the NFL, but I do like to watch highlights. I also know from watching old sports blooper VHS cassetes that the Jets have come a long way over the last decade. :-)

I'll also say I am happy with how Favre has done this season too, he's had some sensational highlight reel completions this year.

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I've been a Jets fan for some time now and I feel it's a classic case of stick with a team in good and bad. Ive been here since a year before Parcels, so I'm PSYCHED to see them actually holding their own.

Alright, first off. Holy shit. Someone made a football related thread in OCR. O.O

and Destillat: Jim Leonhard from the Jets is a local in my Area :].


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Thanks atmuh.

Holy shit' date=' it would be insane to see the Vikings and Packers play off for the division championship. If the Vikings win, it would be the best "Fuck you!" Farve could possibly give to Green Bay.

Too bad I like the Cowboys.[/quote']

Too bad Lambeau Field still Belongs to Favre. Until Rodgers can beat favre I don't consider it his home field. they said the vikings always lose in the dome, favre prooved that wrong, and he also beat them at lambeau too i believe.

Also, Favre is the only QB to beat every single NFL Team, the only team he did beat is the packers, and he did that twice. haha. Favre ftw

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hey there zyko i do NOT wanna hear anymore about how the jets "backed in"


hahaha didn't say they backed in - just stating the facts. are they hot right now? absolutely. are they dangerous? believe me, the chargers are thinking about them very very thoroughly. nobody will overlook the jets but it's ridiculous to say that had indy not rested their guys and beaten the jets a few weeks ago, this whole thing would be moot and irrelevant.

also. WTF where's the defense, green bay??? 2nd ranked defense in the league gets torched for 51 points. WOW. i'm a defense guy and that game breaks my heart lol but wow

did anyone else love how ray rice just smashmouthed the patsies right off the bat on the very first play from scrimmage??? MONEY

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Too bad Lambeau Field still Belongs to Favre. Until Rodgers can beat favre I don't consider it his home field. they said the vikings always lose in the dome, favre prooved that wrong, and he also beat them at lambeau too i believe.

Also, Favre is the only QB to beat every single NFL Team, the only team he did beat is the packers, and he did that twice. haha. Favre ftw

Yep, he kicked their ass away and on their own doorstep. The Packers are out now, so there's no hope of a final showdown, but Farve could still try to go all the way to show Green Bay they cut someone who not only still has it, but can even still lead a team to a championship.

We'll see next week, but I'm still rooting for Dallas.

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copied from my blog:

No upsets. 1v2 in both conferences next week. Cowboys have the best chance to pull an upset off but the bright lights are better news for Brett than they are for Tony.

Saturday January 16, 2010

Arizona Cardinals at New Orleans Saints

The prevailing thought here is that the ante is getting upped significantly from last week’s Packers/Cards tilt. The scoring might not be as high necessarily but the intensity of a back n forth offensive shootout is most likely going to be repeated. The result? Well, that gets a bit trickier. Certainly, the Cards are coming in pretty hot off that win at home against Green Bay and they’re not likely to lose their cool on the road having gone 6-2 this season away from the desert. Even more critical, the Cardinals are the defending NFC champions so they also have been somewhere this Saints team has never been and in that way may even be a psychological favorite. Still, the game is in the Superdome and until a couple weeks ago, the buzz of the nation was this Saints team and their prolific offense. They’ll get it together in time for this game and with Greg Williams dialing up some key pressures to throw Warner (as much as you can, that is) off his game just enough to make the difference on the scoreboard.


Baltimore Ravens at Indianapolis Colts

I’ve been saying all week that the Ravens were going to pull the upset here in Indy with a heavy dose of Ray Rice and by stifling Indy’s running game entirely on the other side. The Ravens are hot, they’re strong up the middle and as long as Ray Lewis is breathing, they’ll come out amped and ready to play playoff football. Then something dawned upon me. I forgot that Joe Flacco who sucked miserably (it wasn’t important given how much more New England’s rushing defense sucked) will suck even more against Indy’s underrated secondary forcing the Ravens into the unfortunate spot of either scoring at will on the ground ALL GAME or starting out fast on the ground but find the Colts curiously within striking distance still (thanks to Peyton) until the last quarter of the game (roughly) when, thanks to Peyton, the Colts can ferociously stampede their way back through the air while Joe Flacco and co. can’t. The Ravens are a very good football team and will be there and maybe even in the lead late but they cannot stop Peyton enough to knock the Colts off.

Colts beat the spread

Sunday January 16, 2010

Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota Vikings

This is the closest of this round’s games to call. Not surprisingly, Vegas thinks so too with its 2½ line. The great thing here is that while both teams have offenses that can put up points in a hurry… this is going to be a matchup of two teams that love to run the ball and can do it very well and two defenses that can stop the run very well. They’re both so exceptionally ranked in Rushing Offense and Rushing Defense, it’s hilarious that we aren’t instead discussing the battle between Tony Romo and his idol, Brett Favre. What is surprising me even more is how much everyone is saying that Dallas will win this game. I don’t think they will. If there’s anything that Brett Favre has proven over the years (and Tony Romo, save last week and maybe a couple other times in his life, hasn’t) is that he is a big game QB and the bigger the stage and brighter the lights, the better he is. If there was ever a day that his specific skill set was really needed, it’s this weekend when that Dallas pass rush comes for him. That said, Adrian Peterson will soften them up a bit. He has been struggling pretty bad the last few weeks off and on and there’s little doubt he’s heard everything everyone has been saying about him, his sudden disappearance, his fumbilitis and his critical role in setting the table for Brett. I think he responds with a monster performance. Almost that alone ensures the Vikings will win. If he’s stopped ineffectively, stick a fork in the Vikes.

Vikings by a TD

New York Jets at San Diego Chargers

It was a great run. But it comes to an end in sunny San Diego when the Jets suffer a similar fate as the Ravens will have the day before, their running attack potent and effective early on, their inept passing attack unable to keep up with Rivers and his stable of basketball players moonlighting as receivers when they dig deep, put it into a high gear and start flying down the field. The first two quarters might even be very low scoring, assuming the Chargers don’t burst out the gate for a couple of very quick scores (putting the Jets, then, in a very bad place) but by the second half when Norv Turner makes his adjustments, the Chargers are gonna take off. Granted, a very explosive running attack right up the gut against a hodge podge, battered interior defense can get the Jets into a downhill situation where they are dictating the tempo, style and mood of the game. The only thing is that the Chargers run D is actually pretty underrated since their early season injury rash and collapse. The Jets are lovable but the Chargers are going to pull the plug on their season on Sunday.

Chargers by two scores

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