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360 Tags & PS3 IDs


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can we get a list of people for PSN and XBL on the frontpage so we can all know who everyone else is and schedule stuff and whatnot

Maybe some one could sticky this thread..?

Unless of course there's another one or a site that has all the information and I'm just being redundant. :tomatoface:

Heck I don't mind maintaining this post to keep updated in my spare time if it's wanted.

XBox 360 Gamer Tags

Another Soundscape: Anosou
Arcana: ArcanaTxM
ArekTheAbsolute: ArekTheAbsolute
Bahamut: ilovepsi
BardicKnowledge: MasterTenor
Bleck: Bleck930
bloodeyezack: zeka991
Brandon Strader: Oinkness
Brushfire: David Hubbard
DarkeSword: shariqansari
DJ Mighty: SeisCampi
Doulifee: Doulifee
EdgeCrusher: TenTonHammer23
Fishy: Fishy1618
Geeky Stoner: Geeky Stoner
Hum4n After All: Hum4n After All
JHawk: Hall Hawk24
Jokseki: H Gorge
kittykar: Falchion39
Malaki-LEGEND.sys: Malakhim
McVaffe: mcvaffe
neblix: neblixsaber
Necrotic: Sloogs
Nekofrog: Nekofrog
pu_freak: pu freak neo
sephfire: cAtf00d
SirChadlyOC: SirChadlyOC
SoloGamer: Hammond Edgar
Soma: tragick
The Prophet: prophetofsax
The Vagrance: The Vagrance
Tinus: MvdR
tweek: tweexmusic
Tydin: xXTydinXx
Zircon: zirconst[/size]
[size=3]Alexis:             nonsensicalexis

Playstation 3 PSN IDs

Animae: AnimaeZ
Bahamut: BahamutWC
Brushfire: DuelloTokai
DarkeSword: DarkSword
DJ Mighty: PterPrker
EdgeCrusher: TenTonHammer23
Gollgagh: Gollgagh
Harmonious Dissonance: HarmonDiss
Jam Stunna: JamStunna
kittykar: kittykar
linkspast: linksawakning
LuketheXjesse: LuketheXjesse
metalsnakejuice: metalsnakejuice
neblix: neblixsaber
Necrotic: Sloogs
OCRE: StarkweatherTD
relyanCe: relyanCe (?)
Schwaltzvald: Schwaltzvald
sephfire: sephfire
Soma: tragick
sparkedglory: bigmama1954
Teknobunny: Tekbunny
The Prophet: prophetofsax (haven't updated yet/ Utilizes Other OS???)
Thin Crust: Radiata4
tweek: tweexmusic
Zutnunzor: Zutnunzor [/size]
[size=3]Alexis:                nonsensicalexis

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Darkesword is "shariqansari" not "sharigansari".

And you forgot the "e" after the "k" in Darkesword. :D


Whatever happened to OCR's Database? There was a database that had every forum user's XBL and PSN. 0_0

Corrections will be duly noted and made soon as I receive them.

I too wondered about that ocr database but as I recall I only ever saw it for the wii friends codes. I could be wrong though.

In any rate I'm just putting it together to save us the time.

Any more information is welcomed~!

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