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Nario plays Mega Man 2 with a dance pad


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What i'd like to know is as you play through all these (seemingly progressively more difficult) games, have you noticed your overall foot-eye coordination improving?

Only a little. The dance pad keeps moving around on the floor, so sometimes I'll hit to wrong button and either re-calibrate my body and get used to the new position (which won't work well with my camera) or move the pad to where it originally was during a break.

I dunno about anywhere else in the game but time stop is extremely useful in Crash Man's stage too, on the ladder part.

...thank you. :)

With the way things are going, I think you can take Wily easily.

Between you and me? I load-stated to the final boss and wasted three energy tanks against it. I'm going to have the hardest time of my life!!! That guy is just as hard as Dracula on CV1 with a dance pad, but I've got to pull it off while surviving THIRTY MINUTES of the castle beforehand, and if I waste ANY energy tanks then it's over!!!

I can easily see Dr. Wily's Castle taking two weeks to beat, maybe even a month.

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