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OCR02054 - Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages "Essence of Lime"


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Thanks, everyone! I wasn't expecting such a unanimously positive response. Gotta thank the people on the WIP board/Rozovian for helping me out.

Nice job catching the slightly obscured Zelda theme reference I missed, LT/Palpable. I surprised myself a couple times while writing up the source breakdown; I'd taken for granted how much source I'd actually used. "Wait a second...this part isn't original??"

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Now that you're posted, it's hard to complain about you not being posted. :|

The most common complaint on the site, bar-none. But reaching that point where the complaint becomes invalid is a sensation all the sweeter.

This track is fantastic, through and through. The style you did this in, which is also a style pervasive in nearly the entire album through all your songs, is simultaneously nostalgic and fresh. You pick your sounds very well. Perfect track to kick off a great album.

I don't know how you did so many great tracks over those two years on top of this one, but my hat is off to you. I never played the original but I'm still diggin' this. Congratulations, you lemon-lime non-carbonated beverage.

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Pretty fun stuff, I really liked the progression of this one, and the mix of instruments was refreshing.

I second all of this; especially the choice of instruments and the way the chiptune elements are integrated into the remix stand out to me. The "breakdown" starting at 2:10 is my favourite part of this song.

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There`s a nice balance between mellowish orchestrated strings and more electronic chiptunage!

The flute being exchanged for main lead occasionally keeps the synths from feeling repetitive, bland, or a lack of consistient mood or theme.

Not that it would have been in any danger of that, even without.

It actually reminds me of a weird popcorn flavor I ate a month ago...salt + lime, obviously.

In short, this is just the kind of stuff I`ve been looking for! It`s playful, familiar, and fun. And ``scattershot`` arrangements add the kind of edge I always like.

They're totally my kind of fun, but only when well-fleshed out; which you accomplished with creative beauty and flair. I never felt like you didn`t know

exactly what you`re doing and where you`re going with this piece.

My only complaints are:

1. I wish the uber-cool set of (jungle-style?) drums had come in sooner than just shy of a minute left D: . It freshens things up and gives it such a cool and unique groove. One of my favourites, in fact. They go amazingly well in eclectic remixes like this. And,

2. The sound quality of the strings and drums hinder it. I think the whole piece would sound bloody amazing if it were at a higher level. Like, epic!

Anyway, this is going on mah playlists like you won't belieeeeve.

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Gotta echo the others in saying that the mix between electronic and orchestral makes this a pleasant ReMix to listen to. Those bongos, though, has to be my favorite part of the this track. Lemons, Limes, not always sweet, but this ReMix is. Great debut.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02054 - Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages "Essence of Lime"

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