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James Rolfe is fantastic, it was a pleasure to meet him and get DVDs signed at Magfest last year. He's been able to keep the AVGN series fresh and entertaining after so many years, and when you think he can't do anything new, he does something like an episode on video game glitches or really obscure shit like Plumbers Don't Wear Ties. I also enjoy his movie reviews and his top 10 lists, and even is random stuff like visiting a movie location or shit like that.

I watch a ton of internet webshows and reviewers (even more than I watch regular TV), and AVGN is still one of the best out there.

The Irate Gamer can suck my dick.

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I like how unlike the Nostalgia Critic, his videos DON'T come off as the same thing over and over again.

Like someone said, he's at his best when he's dealing with a really horrendous game, like that Little Red Hood or Winter Games or something like that.

His glitch episode was really entertaining and interesting to watch (who doesn't like jawless Rocky?).

Speaking of Spoony, I'm a big fan, and in his review of Ultima 3: Exodus, he used OCR music!


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He has okay taste in beer, in my book.

Yeah when he started popping Yuenglings every now and then. I'm trying to pace myself and space out catching up on his episodes, but it's hard because they're so addicting. Now and for a couple years he's been doing the shows in Philly. We should get him to come to one of our meets. :smile:

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