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OCR01254 - Street Fighter II "Club del Toro"


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Hahaha...brings back fond memories of the Vega vs. Chun Li fight. Thank you, SF Anniversary Collection. Although, it also brings back the unspeakable terror, dread, and utter helplessness I felt as a child whenever Vega would jump onto the wall, knowing full well that the cheap little punk would inevitably jump off and claw me and that there was not a thing I could do about it. And then he'd retreat and do it all over again. Curse you, first-grade reflexes.


Errr, right...about the mix then. Anyway, yeah...for some reason, when it started, I couldn't help feeling it sounded slightly n00bish (mostly because of the familiar-sounding synth/sample and because omitting the original bassline notes there creates odd harmonies). I quickly got used to it though, so I don't have too much of an issue with that. Effects and percussion are used intelligently and effectively throughout. I think my favorite part was also the country names/"f-f-f-fight" thing. Very nice touch...Rayza always seems to know how to use sound clips/game samples in a discreet and generally non-annoying manner, unlike many other electronica remixers. :P I also like the break/transition/whatever-you-techno-people-call-it at 3:15. ;)

Overall, very competent and well-executed remixing work. Recommended to any fan of Vega (and/or Chun Li's panties ;) ). Good stuff from Rayza as usual.


R.I.P., Chris and Charles...)

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Hey, cool song here. Love the theme!

I like the 8-bit noises in the first thirty seconds. The chopping and panning are very creative and I like them!

:59, I like that synth off the bat. But.. I got sick of it FAST. eeh. But the more listens to this song, you do get used to it I suppose.. -- 1:21-23 that note in there fades out too fast..

The layout and arrangement of this song is amazing, yet that lead synth just ruined it for me.. :? sorry.

Good use of Vocal Samples. The F F F Fight started sounding a little bit like 'Heil' after a while.. (This isn't a wolfenstein remix.. haha) But that's just me messin around.

Good pumped up techno all the way through. I'll check back this review thread later to see if anyone agreed with me...


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Creative use of original vocal samples. This is something I ask before, but often we see here. Gives a nice touch to the track.

The tribute of first country is something that I really enjoy, thanks. Blanka would be proud too. :D

Rhythm is our name.

OMG, the bass is something that really works here.

It can't be improved in any aspect, anything beyond this point is personal taste. This guy has a style, classic outro. 8)

Turn the lights out and let the music flow.

F-f-f-fight. 11/10 :D

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I listened to this back when it was a WIP...I loved it then, and love it now. Gotta love the way Rayza can work those beats. :)

By the way, the country name samples were a very nice touch - something I wouldn't have thought of, that's for sure.

Keep up the good work! Maybe some more Streets of Rage next time. :D

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The styling of this one is impeccable. Very clubbish. I appreciate that the melody wasn't watered down from the original. This is a remix chiefly because the background chords were stripped of their latin flavor and given a convincing nightculb feel. The tempo has been slowed down just a little to bring it into the "danceable" 120bpm range.

The lead instrument is a loud synth. This might have been a grating choice, but good use is made of effects and slides to make the synth sing. My favorite part of the entire piece is the extended wrapup, with "hit" samples woven into a typical snare-fill club pattern.

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