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OCR02101 - Donkey Kong Country 2 "Party's Over Here"


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the best part about this song is the lyrics tab. :-)

QFT :grin:

Nice work on getting those vocals, too. :nicework:

But anyway, I dig the peppy popness of the song. I just don't feel that the electric guitars really help to reach that goal though.

They just feel too rough making them feel at odds with the bubbliness that is this song. Besides that, it's just sweet, sweet bubblegum pop.

It's definitely fun and worth checking out.

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Hey! OA sure does know how to party ;-) This track exudes cheesiness out the ass but at the end of the day I honestly love it. Great melodies, particularly in the guitar solo towards the end... and I don't care how biased this site can be against fadeouts, I think it worked well here. I wasn't sure what could really be done with Cranky's Conga for the project so I'm glad you took it in a unique direction here.


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Cute, fun, bouncy, a great party song! I put this song in my wedding playlist, so everyone at my wedding got to boogie down to OA and DKC2. This song is a lot of fun.

:mrgreen: Soooo coool. I was going to say something about playing this at my wedding if it ever happens. Turns out you completely beat me to the punch. :D

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Entering the last review for the first form of OA's diabolical usurping of OCR... on ONE OF HIS OWN WORKS. :razz:

This to me has a cute sounding approach; blending elements of pop rock with more electric elements to fit a more laid back and contemporary handling of the source material. Even after the 1 minute mark, there's been enough to give to the writing and way of handling the accompaniment, and with the half-speed section after it, mind-blowing solos (especially that synth one!!) and the brief key change, you can't help but feel something rather joyous with it overall. It might be something to expect on DK's radio when he becomes old and gray.

In spite of this, I felt the tail ends were a little weak - not sure if going for a fadeout for a song of this length was the best idea, and even then I laughed at the intro; it's cute, definitely, but I'm not sure if everyone would probably get the gag. (Don't worry, I did... hehe. :wink: )

Very fun track all around, OA! And even though you may be busy being a Head Judge now, I'm sure you'll still have musical class for 2012 :D

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02101 - Donkey Kong Country 2 "Party's Over Here"

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