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Minecraft [1.7.2/4?]


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I'm not sure Notch has ever outright said where the inspiration for Endermen came from, but the name is definitely derived from Slenderman.

I still find them kind of disappointing - once you kill your first, you realise they aren't actually particularly dangerous. Heck, I still find Skeleton archers far more threatening since they hit freaking hard!

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OCAD server has been back up, is running barebones craftbukkit 1.8.1 alpha. Everything seems to be running smoothly for now, will possibly continue experimenting with alpha bukkit builds until the recommended release comes out. No LWC yet but there's essentials so it isn't completely uncontrollable. David now has access directly to the server box so fixes no longer hinge completely on my head. :)!! Same old server address for OCAD.

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But then we can't blame you anymore... :-(

Technically you still can.

But it won't be as valid of a complaint.

Also, I must say, my interest is continually piqued by this... Once I can afford it, Imma gettin' it. ^.^

(probably after I replace this old POS)

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that's because they're completely freaking broken in multi

that's not how they're supposed to act

Not completely broken. The problem in SMP is that the detection of when they're in your crosshairs is a little above their heads. So instead of not looking right at them, you need to avoid looking right above them.

Hopefully that'll be fixed for 1.9.

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So lately, the endermen don't attack me at all unless I attack them. I can walk right up to them and stare and stare and they just walk around and go DERP. I am dissapoint.

This happens to me a lot in SMP recently - though I suspect it may just be because the area you have to look is higher than it should be (I haven't actually tried it out). On my server we've been building them elaborate underground dwellings and watch them rearrange the furniture :3

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