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Minecraft [1.7.2/4?]


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I want a dark grey color, a green record (wish I could also get a 64 stack of cloth), I'll need to make the place to warp fancy.

Also, I'm considering restarting my epic project, the creeper temple, however I'm torn between making it underground like the original or above ground and then build a mountain around it, both options present different challenges given its proportions (100x100x50), I'm more leaning to above ground since clearing that area would be easier, also it'd mean less people would be needed to be employed to help me (or possibly no help needed at all), even though I had always planned to make the whole thing have scaffolding and look ruined, give it the archeological dig site feel to it, then make graves for everyone that helped along with titles near a dig site camp. :D

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just donated, wish the map on that page would get an update maybe every few days, if not at least once a week.

also i think we should have boat races sometime in the future (making tracks would be awesome)

also... maybe... pig races... eh, the other idea has more possibilities for now

Edit: i wasnt on last night... i was... reading the Last harry potter book. *facepalm* i should have read it a few years ago... but i think i was in my, im too cool for potter phase. but now im back to my, im too good to read the paper back, where the hell can i find the hard cover phase. *good times*

Double Edit: er... could i get a blue name

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Well since the minimap is about useless and takes up so much of my time trying to get my crappy pc to shink it down, im going to just offer the full download, unless theres an objection. I can throw out updates every night this way

Heres the color index for those wanting to choose their own colors:


(note: 6 is actually orange)

default is f (white)

d (pink) is currently reserved for admins

default for donors is a (green)

0 (black) and 8 (dark grey) are terribly hard to read so I dont think i'll let anybody use those

PM me with color change requests

Donators Rare Item Requests:

PM Me for one of these items:


Green Record

Gold Record

Cloth Blocks (White Only)



Slime Ball

And of course, any item/non-rare material you want if you'd rather

Obsidian is not available per request of the forum

Edit: Also apparently fishing poles work, so I decided donators should get fishing poles.

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Page has been updated to show the current whitelist and warp points. (so you dont have to keep the one on the front page up to date anymore Gollgagh, unless you feel like it.)

There are some on there that i dont know what their OCR names are, so they are just "?" for now. If anybody can fill me in let me know. I might let people have another warp since i have coded this handy system to keep track of them for me (SQL yay!).

Sorry for the basic HTML handbook look, again when Gman has sometime she might make it prettier and i might make it more web 2.0 ish


also on my sig if nobody has noticed

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