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OCR Secret Santa - Gift giving time!


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Count me in.

If someone's stuck on an idea, get me any (non-MMO) game that's come out within the last 4 years or so. I just built myself a brand new computer to replace the $15-at-a-garage-sale econocomp I've been using for WAY too long. I mean, I haven't even played Oblivion yet which has been sitting next to me ready to play since 2007.

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Oh, should we write out a list of stuff we'd like to get like in last year's thread? I thought it was pretty convenient.

I'm up for that....

Anything along the following would rock.

Xbox Live Points

Wii Points

iTunes giftcard (that can be used to buy iTouch games)

Awesome music (your pick) <---- a good way to help out musicians on the site also, consider this option for people you don't know well

Any good bargain (< $20) Wii or 360 games I may have missed, as I haven't bought anything for a while

Anything from Steam that I don't currently have already, including TF2 hats if a TF2 regular draws me -- my profile is

BardicKnowledge, just like I am on OCR. I own all of the Source games, Torchlight, Audiosurf, and both Monkey Island games. Anything else would rock, but no one should spend too much cash on me, haha.

Sorry for writing a massive list -- I certainly don't expect anyone to get me more than $15-20 worth of stuff, as I cannot commit to buying more than that value for whomever I draw. This should give people an idea of what folks may want though. Crazy surprises are also welcome!

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I am a total sucker for obscure items you would never find. Just damn cool shit, doesn't matter what it is.

Buttons, pins, little figurines, whatever.

I'm open to things like that, but anything related to consoles is a no go for me. Because I don't own one. Just getting that out there.

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Hmmm. XBL points would be cool! I also love candies like Sweetarts and Runts and it's been oooooh so long since I've had Nerds. I used to love those so much. Also just got into comic books again, sort of. Read some of the Superman stuff (Last Son and Red Son). Wouldn't mind more. Been meaning to look into the Scott Pilgrim stuff to be more specific. Other than that, idunno! Guitar accessories, fantasy-themed stuff (Star Wars, LOTR, anything with DRAGONS!!!) and Coily Cables are all gooood. Surprise me!

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Anything with utility works for me like cups or pens or something. Dunno if you can buy PSN Store stuff offline and gift it or buy points but any cheap game on there is great with me. Cheap Steam games are good especially with all the sales. (Steam and PSN IDs: falchion39@g mail.com look at my wishlist on Steam) I love stuffed animals but I'm also kind of picky when it comes to them. Little plushies are usually a good way to go. I also love peanut M&Ms.

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