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OCR Secret Santa - Gift giving time!


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My person should've gotten theirs today. And honestly, I don't see how in the world I could've gift wrapped it ;D. I just hope their email on their profile is one they use frequently.

Oh and I saw one of the games my person wanted was on sale yesterday, but I just couldn't grab it in time so I'm sorry about that! Next best thing I suppose.

As for what I want, I don't really know. I definitely could use an OCR shirt (small, and preferably the black one) and if you can pick up a cheap game on steam sales or with Black Friday/Cyber Monday I'd like that too. I'm not picky, so don't feel like spending a lot. Cheap stuff is good too!

Anyway, Merry Christmas! :mrgreen:

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I have an Amazon wishlist going (http://amzn.com/w/2ZMBL2E7ROSI7). If my secret santa is going to use this, please order it off of the list so it gets removed afterward, cause I've also given the list to my parents. I also wear a small t-shirt (if it's mens sizing, i wear whatever the smallest size happens to be).

I approve of your choice of board games. My wife's got me Power Grid for Christmas :)

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Some things I might like...

-iTunes/Wii Points/Gamestop giftcard (any one of those)

-Any Wii accessory (virtual console controller, wii jacket, etc.)

-Anything vintage (N64 Game, or something of the sort)

-Anything else you might think I'd like, based on these things

Hope that helps, secret person!

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I really like when people post what they got.

I got the Indie Clever Pack on Steam from my Secret Santa. And as a Secret Santa, I literally just sent my gift off. Hope my person enjoys it. It was hard to figure out what they'd want; thank god for "View All Posts By This User."

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