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OCR Secret Santa - Gift giving time!


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Anything towards Dragon Age 2 for PC would be awesome. I'll definitely be getting whatever the collector's edition is. So a Gamestop gift card would be fabulous.

Bioware games are the only games in the world I just need with the boxes and shiny tins and stuff so Steam is a no go this time around.

If a creative type draws me, I love getting self-made stuff. :) Happy either way.

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i'd love a 360 chatpad or official controller (used is fine). i don't care if the controller is wired or wireless. i like game-related t-shirts, as long as they're funny and not bloody or have curse words (my wife isn't a fan of that stuff). i'm a men's large.

the most awesomest gift you could give me, though, would be something towards my much-dreamt-about computer build. newegg gift cards would represent this, and would cause me to love you long time.

edit: i cleaned this up a bit.

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All Right, I'm in.

EDIT: Since I'm relatively new around here, I should probably give some idea of what I would like. I like stuff that is physical stuff; it doesn't have to be anything unique, because when it is mine, it becomes unique and even more awesome. But something that is unique beforehand would become double unique, so it would reach the level of badass. So just something physical, and most preferably in a box, because opening the box is half the fun.

And I think I started with a reference to The Fountainhead, and went downhill from there.

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Yeaah... I figured out something I'd like.. Not all of these things but these are a few things:

Whichever Harvest Moon on the Wii is the best

Or Rune Factory Wii

Or Animal Crossing: City Folk wii

I don't want to ask for anything too expensive, so used is ok. Oh and a PS3. jk lol :-D

Or you know, surprise me, I've only got NSMB-Wii and Punch Out!!

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Count me in.

I'm not really picky when it comes to presents, and I'll be happy with anything, except a food gift card (My family gives me enough of those anyways.) If I had to put together a wishlist though to which I attach no expectation, going from reasonable to unreasonable:

The World Ends with You (Don't even care if it's used)

A Gamestop card (or Amazon, since those are where I get games these days)

An OCR shirt (Large)

A set of Series 4 Trading Arts Final Fantasy mini-figures

Professor Layton and the Unwound future (I just got AC:Brotherhood for my birthday)

Halo: Reach

Starcraft 2

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