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How would ye feel about an IRC channel servermove?


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Vimk, Xerol and I and a few others put together a list of issues with ETG and reasons why freenode is preferable to any alternatives.

Problems with ETG

  • Connection limit of 3, combined with connectivity issues and massively delayed ping timeouts (10-15 minutes).
  • Inconsistent administrative support
  • Frequent netsplits
  • Lack of NickServ
  • Limited ChanServ usage. Operators cannot manipulate auto ops or voices easily.
  • Ridiculous blacklists of IP ranges
  • Blocks most mobile connections, Mibbit
  • Lack of spam detection/blocking
  • G-lines run off an automated 3-strikes rule system which yields frequent false positives

Why freenode Is the Best Choice

  • Quite possibly the most stable server available. Handles 65k people daily. Netsplits are scarce (once or twice a year). Has servers worldwide. Ping timeout rate significantly lower (about 4 minutes).
  • Many people already use freenode
  • Availability of NickServ
  • Saner ChanServ allowing more freedom of control for operators/channel owners over their own channel. Contains many helpful features absent such as the option for
  • Channel can be set so that ops are only opped when needed. This will prevent users from doing things against the rules only when ops are not around. Also, this should significantly reduce spontaneous kicks and/or bans. This should also reduce tension caused by statuses that make one user seem more important than another.
  • Provides groups which are designed to be tied to community groups, such as "operator" or "remixer"; this allows as much information to be tied to a specific user as necessary through their hostmask. This can be useful in organizing the IRC community as well as for remix projects. More information can be read here: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#groups

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If we are indeed moving, I looked at Freenode, and I can log on there, no problems. While I'm STILL banned on ETG (go figure :whatevaa:)

Espernet would be my first choice, but aforementioned "people" (Bluefox, there's a rumor going around with an old group of friends on Esper that he got arrested for child porn once:neutral:) are going to change my vote.

I vote Freenode.

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Well seeing as how a /topic in the server window reveals that there's already an #ocremix on freenode I guess this has already been decided.

Eh, you can have it. I'm gonna stay lurkermode on ##4eCO and no I'm not telling you what nick I'm using so people can't come and bug me for no reason.


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