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YouTube Symphony: VOTE DrumUltimA! (PLZ)


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EDIT: larry knows I'm not a true pimp. oh well. DIRECT LINK TO VOTE: http://goo.gl/w8c0f


So YouTube started this idea last year where musicians audition for a symphony by uploading videos of excerpts and stuff. The audition last year was pretty weird, this year it was a little bit different.

The biggest difference is that there is an improvisation portion to the audition--the piece has two improvisatory sections worked into it, and part of the audition was auditioning for one of those two sections. It could be any instrument at all, including singing and poetry.


I'm one of 17 finalists!!

I auditioned for the "rhythmic improvisation" section on vibraphone, and they picked me for the final batch!

So, now for the shameless whoring: I would wholly appreciate it if you all could vote for me! It's pretty easy, just go to their page (http://www.youtube.com/symphony) and click "vote," "solo improvisation," and then "rhythmic improvisation." My video should pop up! If I win, I get to play with the group in Sydney under the direction of Michael Tilson Thomas (for those of you who don't know him, he is a big name BADASS conductor).

Thanks guys! We'll see what happens!!!

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Bump! Sorry that I'm being super annoying with this, but I'll stop being annoying after the 17th, which is the LAST DAY TO VOTE AND IS APPROACHING SOON!

Remember, you can vote once a day! So if you've already voted, well, first of all, thank you!!! But second of all, if you can, please vote again!

Thanks guys! I hope I make it!

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