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Favorite instrument to play/listen to?


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I have trouble choosing my favorite but I do have a top 5, most of these I only listen too though:

1. French Horn

2. Electric Guitar

3. Bass Guitar (actually most bass instruments sound awesome lol)

4. Piano (favorite and pretty much only instrument I play)

5. Tenor Sax (I played it a loong time ago lol, nice sound though too)

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I actually narrowed down my top 10 a while ago.

I know for my top 3 I'd probably say:


2-Female Voice

3-Accoustic Guitar

...but then most of my favourite sounds aren't any one particular instruments... things like pitch bent loops of reverbed strings or bent & cut up vocals. Like half the Earthbound soundtrack.

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favorite instrument to hear: trombone, hands down.

just when I thought you couldn't get any more awesome, you go and do dis...

I was actually working on something directly inspired by that song. GET OUT OF MY HEAD CHTH

as for me





cello/string orchestra

lo-fi drums (rokysopp/massive attack and company)

piano (satie particularly)

choir (texturalist stuff like ligeti)

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