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OCR02164 - Final Fantasy X "Time Slips Away"


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In terms of production quality (on OCR) I think this really stands out from your other stuff. Not to say that your other stuff isn't good quality, but this certainly sounds tighter and more polished. :nicework:

The horns and when the glissandos come in are great, and when everything literally just cuts out at 3:03, it's a really cool touch. Never gets boring, either, and the strings add that epic movie cue feel to it.

All in all:

Cool song, bro.

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Definitely get the tenseness coming through; I was on the edge of my seat, waiting to see where the song went next. Loved at 2:08 when the song sort of steps back and then gradually works its way back in, and the strings are truly beautiful. One of my favorite mixes of Shariq's, and that's saying something.

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Darkesword was a surprise entry. I basically logged in one day and he was like, "I got a song for you. Here it is."

I don't know how long he spent on it. It must've been no more than a day or two.

This was a very amazing track. It's universally-liked. It's so clean, so crisp, and immediately invokes emotion in the listener.

I hope you guys check out the rest of the album!


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I love this song. DarkeSword never fails to impress me.

I never expected to find this album, and was surprised. But Ioved it.

The source tune always stuck out to me in the game. It's not something I'd be humming afterwards, obviously, but it always got me pumped up (which was good seeing as for the first few weeks of owning the game, I had NO memory card... so yeah... I know the prologue inside out.)

This is a nice, sort of chill take on the theme. Very nice mixture of instruments. The harp (?) kind of reminds me of Okami. In fact the whole mix does.

Btw, was the sudden volume change at 3:00 intentional? O.o I think I'm just misunderstanding what happened there. It sounds awkward on my headphones, at least.

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Five hours, start to finish, on a Sunday night.

Holy hell that's fast! And this ReMix is simply awesome considering how much is actually in it for how fast it was done. The quality of the sound, the arrangement and the general idea are all damn near flawless here. I love the use of some Japanese and Indian instruments for this one. Very nice blend there. Yeah, this is going up there in my top DarkeSword mixes.

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