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Pikachu Libre is kind of a lame addition when we have several pokemon that personify wrestling that aren't getting used (Hawlucha and Hariyama come to mind), but I'd welcome another fun fighter for th

I love and hate rumors like this at the same time. The was one of my favourite Gamecube games and a sequel would be awesome (though I wonder what the could do to expand the original concept) On the other hand, its a silly rumor with a "friend of a friend" kind of thing, which doesn't really assure anything in the slightest.

Oh well, a man can dream. Retro Studios have proven (to me, at least) that they are a very capable development studio and I'd be eager to see what they could do with a survival horror game.

*EDIT - Also, F-Zero in HD. Please do it, Nintendo.

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that was hilarious.


The new console will be more than twice as powerful as the PS3 and Xbox 360. We're still trying to figure out how it relates to the Sega 32x, since early numbers indicate that it might only be as powerful as 31 segas.
rofl almost spit coffee on my keyboard Edited by Benjamin Briggs
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same here... I'm still stuck on chapter 3...

To finish the Story modes in GX you really need to snake. Sucks, but that's where it's at, especially for Very Hard. I spent an entire summer working on that game -- imo it is the best racer ever. I even have most of the extra stuff from the AX arcade cabinet, as the Gameworks that used to be in town had one. :P

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