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Mega Man: The Grand Robot Master Remix Battle 2011


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Alright screw it I'm entering as well, a couple people said i should try and enter this.

I'm not entirely sure about my musicianship though.


1 Flash Man

2 Metal Man

3 Bubble Man

4 Concrete Man

5 Ice Man (i had an idea for this source a while back)

I know a few of those have been remixed to hell and back but i love them so much.

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I have been CHALLENGED by JakeSnake. Therefore I HAVE to do this.

1. Solar Man (MM10; last minute change because I looked it up and it is completely awesome.)

2. Flash Man (MM2)

3. Gemini Man (MM3)

4. Wave Man (MM5)

5. Bomb Man (MM1)

Of course knowing me I'll probably forget.

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I'm spending half the week 20-26th of June afk. It would be appreciated if i wasn't in that bracket, but I can make it work.

Also, I wanna get this started. I'm gonna make salad out of y'all. Except Will. I'ma make puree out of you if I face you. :D

And then PrototypeRaptor is going to make juice out of you.

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