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OCR01330 - Final Fantasy VI "Haunted Train Disco"


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Well, I can say that this mix lives up to its name in that it starts out with train ambience. But it being a disco, I dunno, it felt a bit too slow and spooky for a disco. Still, pretty spooky and well thought up. I'd love to play this for a Halloween thing or something.

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wel I must say that if it wasn't for me and my fixation for this particular song, TO would have never remixed it :P. As the winner of one of the PRCs, I chose this song to hear it remixed(at last) and TO did a very good job at it.

Now, this version is pretty different from the PRC submission, this one has a more clean sound to it, and I can hear some new additions here and there. Plus, the voice sample now sound much spookier than before.

Overall, I think TO acomplished the goal of making this song something very spooky. Its One of the most halloween-terror movie like remixes on the site. It may not sound much like Disco, but its a good song indeed.

You made the good old NutS happy. ^_^

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Having a strange problem listening to this mix.

If I let it play from start to finish, the sound cuts out at 3:17. If at any time I jump to a specific time, it doesn't cut out.

I have tried redownloading this mix 4 times now, deleting all web page history, predeleting, etc. Nothing seems to fix it.

Otherwise, awesome work here.

EDIT: I studied what was happening a bit, and it would seem that the section that starts at 3:07 and ends at the end of the mix is played early, and when I said the sound "cuts out" I hadn't noticed the fade. So when I forcibly go to the 3:07+ section, it actually does cut out at the end of the timer, because it's playing the wrong part of the mix. I honestly don't know how these things work, but it would seem as if it's divided into sections that are played in a certain order and the order is screwed up or something for mine. Since nobody else has said anything, I surmise that I'm the only one who is getting this problem. So I don't know wtf.

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While it being breaks, it does have a dark disco vibe to it. Awesome for progressice break sets. Like this is actually very decent, I love the leads and stuff. It is like a funky version of Serious Sam music. I love it.

That's what this site needs more of.. Serious Sam mixes, especially Grand Cathedral.

Anyway, like a lot of others, the 'Magus' theme jumped right out at me, very curious you'd not heard it before! Has a nice bass, suitably creepy atmosphere and a good tempo that likens it to some kind of ghostly pursuit.

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TO, this is pretty good. I like the whole creep feel to the entire song. I especially liked the added touch of the horrific voice from about [0:17 -> 0:20]... what's it saying? "Welcome to ze Haunted Train!"?

Then [0:25 -> 0:29]'s "Welcome to your doom!" was interesting to say the least.

One thing I noticed is that right about 0:30 until about 0:39, it starts going down the scale from a high note, awfully reminiscent of Magus's Theme from Chrono Trigger. At first I thought it was going to be incorporated into the song, but then it only went down the scale. Oh, well, wishful thinking.

Really creep, but pretty damn good.

Keep it up!

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