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OCR02264 - NiGHTS into dreams... "The NiGHT Has Just Begun..."


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One of the catchiest vocal-remix to ever come out of this community, and a favorite of mine on Lucid Dreaming.

Every element falls right in place, pacing is great, the vocals aren't overdone, soundscape is rich and has a nice warm color to it.

A fun arrangement that is sure to brighten your day (or your NIGHTS). Should've been dubbed: "Protodome - the Happiness Formula". ;)

Recommended. :grin:

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I will say this,

On my birthday (which was monday mind you)

I had this song non-stop in my head for at least 2 days already, The weird thing is the positive attitude the song gives out made my day awesome even tho i was at work most of the day.

Protodome due to this song your going to get a ton of fangirls.

Hell it might not be just fangirls either..

Your voice actually fits in with your arrangement like a major piece of a puzzle.

I'm gonna add you to the short list of vocalists i love to hear on ocremix.

Truely loved this remix, thanks for making my birthday a happy one :D

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Yeah, thanks to the judges' decisions I guess I FINALLY understood there were FOUR versions of each main stage. Under that knowledge I finally understood the arrangement direction where this one was going, so much thanks in advance.

So what we have here is a vocal arrangement that takes it in a similar direction to David Gray's electronic material, though much more upbeat and relevant to a tween audience. Blake's style managed to fit appropriately with the track, with some neat synth manipulation, filter/gate manipulation and some very careful autotune work to make it fit within the track's scope. The structure may be basic though, but what pop song isn't? The pieces were taken from the source material and structured appropriately to bring it into this form. Definitely an original direction to go for :)

One thing I did notice though was that in spite of the tuning done to the vocals, I couldn't help but notice a flimsy recording quality behind the vocal part. Understanding that you don't record them often I could let it slide, but it could be something to think about for handling in the future should Blake take this direction again.

All in all, a very fun track; possibly one of the more divisive tracks on Lucid Dreaming though, but there's always the instrumental for the vocal haters. :razz: Let's see what you got for 2012, fellow Limey!

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Whoa, haha, I wasn't expecting that. I should listen to the song before reading the write-ups more often. I actually like the filtering electronic vocals, and it fit the pop/electronica genre so well. The "dadada"'s at the end were great for an ending. So happy and poppy, and the lyrics were great. I don't know how to explain it, but I loved the little change-up/circusy music on the "Can't be without you" verse. It was a terrific way to break up the main beat. Another amazing track off of NiGHTS.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02264 - NiGHTS into dreams... "The NiGHT Has Just Begun..."

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