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MAGFest X! PMD Time :(


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By the way, if anyone street passed a Mii named Twigsworth on their 3DS, that was me.

Pretty much home now (just an hour train ride left back to Guelph). I miss it already.

Here are some pluses!

+ Met well over 30 really awesome people (And I STILL missed some of the OCR crowd)

+ Saw a couple great panels, including Grant Kirkhope, indie game composers, voice actors, and of course everything OCR related.

+ Learned a lot about all kinds of things over the course of the weekend, from production / composition techniques to the state of the industry.

+ Saw a few concerts, Earthbound Papas of course being the highlight for me. So happy that they played some Black Mages songs, and the originals were really great too.

+ Played some games in the game room including Smash Bros and DDR. (though DDR reminded me how terribly out of shape I am)

+ So much more.

And I guess a few cons:

- Because I met so many people it was hard to hang out with a lot of them. (Still did get to know a fair amount of people though)

- Didn't get Nobuo's signature (but honestly I'm just happy to have seen him live, that was a real treat)

Overall a great first MAG for me. I plan to be in attendance again next year.

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I already made my long rambling love post regarding Magfest on another forum, so here's the short version: this was my favorite Magfest yet. The concerts were awesome, the people I met and saw again were awesome, everything was awesome. I love all of you crazy people.

Also Uematsu signed my copy of Rad Racer and I am SO giddy about it.

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I highly recommend turning up the volume, I'm also going to try to do a "mix" of this with the backing added to pump it a little since the backing guitars/drums/synths are kinda hard to hear, but this turned out pretty fucking awesome for something on a handheld. Thanks again, Sebastian!

The recording of us doing Terra in Black live is also floating around somewhere, but the audio got kinda bongled so don't think we sound as bad as that does ;)

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-Addie and Brad improvising a birthday party for me (complete with AMAZING cake) at the Shizz party

this was so much fun =)

* Speaking of epic parties, Shariq and I successfully got a shitload of folks to watch tokusatsu in our room Saturday night, and they actually enjoyed it. Mission successful.

this was also awesome!

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+Meeting awesome internet friends in person, 99% of them for the first time. Seriously, every one of you was super nice and amazingly friendly. Every single one.

+It was a very positive atmosphere. I didn't feel anomosity or judgement. I always felt like I was among friends.

+MAGFest was the first time I had ever seen almost all of the performers playing there, and while I couldn't see everyone, everyone I did see was mindblowing.

+Having Stevo Bortz and Larry Oji be the very first people I meet after walking into the hotel. That pretty much set up the weekend as being mindbogglingly amazing.

+Meeting Arecibo Radio and 8bitX show hosts in person, and having the pleasure of hosting a podcast live from the show floor with them. Check it out if you haven't: http://kngi.org/p=2879

+The Arecibo/8bitX panel. Thanks to everyone who came and made it a much bigger turnout than we expected!

+Staying alive during the absolutely insane moshing and crowd surfing during the Metroid Metal show. Some kid almost fell right on my face. SO WORTH IT.

+Speaking of, watching Danimal Cannon give it his all during THREE performances on Friday. The man is a machine!

+Hanging out and meeting Shizzies and legendary DoD musicians during the DoD listening party. norg gave me the biggest hug I think I've ever gotten from anyone.

+Running into Tony "Prince of Darkness' Dickinson in the elevator.

+Chilling with like 30 OCR folks and walking with them over to Baja Fresh.

+Reckadam dropping a drumstick during the Disasterpeace show and STILL managing to tear it up. So killer.

+Meeting all of The Megas, getting them to sign my badge, taking a picture with them, and FINALLY seeing them perform a full show. I'm more pumped than ever for Mega Man 3!

+Seeing Channel Awesome/That Guy With the Glasses people wandering around. They weren't the reason I was there, but it was really cool to just be walking around and seeing Linkara, JewWario, Sage, Phelous, Obscurus Lupa, and others. Kind of weird that I didn't see Doug at all, but he probably does tend to attract a crowd, so...

+The MASSIVE game and arcade room. The best part? All of the arcade games were totally free to play!

+Playing through the TMNT arcade game with Suraida, some random dude, and Rob-PK (who joined in during the Shredder battle.)

+Playing the Super Mario Bros. arcade machine and spotting the minor differences in item and enemy placement compared to the home version. It was kind of surreal.

+Watching some guy dressed as a Jabbawokkee play DDR and make it actually look like dancing:

+Seeing the Earthbound Papas/Black Mages perform in person. HOLY SHIT.

+Uematsu himself doing the Colossus Roar. Pretty much the only time during the entire weekend where it was actually funny AND awesome.

+n0c letting me stay with him and being a great roommate. It was a pleasure, sir.

+Watching a huge bidding battle for an Uematsu-signed Final Fantasy Famicom cartridge during the Child's Play auction before Closing Ceremonies. Bidding started at $20, and it managed to go all the way up to $1525. There was a LOT of tension in the room!


-Missing all of the Thursday shows. Not a huge deal, but I would've loved to have at least seen Descendants of Erdrick.

-Missing brentalfloss. Damn panel scheduling...

-Missing most of This Place Is Haunted's set. I was just too wiped out and needed a break, unfortunately.

-Missing the Minibosses. I had to weigh my options, and unfortunately I can't be in two places at once.

-Not getting the chance to meet and/or hang with more people that I knew were there. Especially djpretzel and Uematsu.

-Having to leave. It was over way too fast.

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Get ready for the most emo MAGfest post ever!

So I was basically in emotional hell for the entirety of MAGFest, for... well, I'll put it this way: for personal reasons that had nothing to do with anybody here or MAGFest-programmed events. So from a personal perspective, this was absolutely the worst con experience I've had in my life. From an objective standpoint though, I'm sure the con was swell. I'll go through the pros and cons anyway, though the entire experience is, in my mind, kind of this haze of sleep deprivation and complete emotional derailment.


- It was at the GAYLORD, GAYLORD, GAYLORD!! Awesome hotel. Yay for plenty of elevators, and ones with windows, too (to discourage elevator-rape).

- OCR block! Being able to open my door and see OCR people right there! Or wander down the hall and see if there were any OCR parties going on.

- Food was accessible without having the drama of getting to the car, driving somewhere, hassle of parking again, etc. There are a lot of good food options too, incl. healthy ones!

- Fridges in the hotel rooms. Made things much more convenient.

- OMG I feel so absolutely loved by my MAGFriends and their outpouring of support during my super emo time. I want to especially thank Vinnie, Brad, Jay, Jenner, Jill, and Andy (zircon), for holding me up (in some cases literally) when I was completely falling apart. I'd also like to thank many many others who expressed their concern and well wishes to me and offered to listen, etc., incl. Jarel, Brushfire, Doug (DrumUltima), Moguta, Stevo, Kaiser, Ryan (BardicKnowledge) and others... MAGFriends, I could not love you harder.

- I was so excited to see that Deia and starla had started designing t-shirts of their own .D They are hot t-shirts too! Good job ladies! Thanks you starla for making one for me, too <3

- I had a blast performing for the OCR panel and I think it went pretty well!

- Busboys and Poets! OMG I can't express how happy I am that this has become a MAGFest thing. It really just started with me throwing out my suggestion of my favorite restaurant close to the hotel last year, and Kaiser turned it into a 25-person Sunday brunch, and I guess everybody liked it enough that they wanted to go back!! It makes me so happy that so many people liked my fav restaurant .D We'll definitely organize and plan it better next year so we can make it a real event.

- I think that the MAGFlu epidemic seemed much less this year than in previous years, and I personally didn't get sick at all! Which I consider a victory. I was glad to see all my oranges get eaten by people, and I like to think maybe that helped a bit ,) But moreover, I think as we all become more conscious of MAGFlu, we all came a little more prepared and took care of ourselves better. Or as Val said, as we're getting older, we become more responsible .)

- OMG League of Legends with 4 people all in the same room, and then other OCR folks remotely (Derrit, Brad, Amphibious). Holy crap that is def. the most fun I've ever had playing that game. We need more MAGFests or OCR meetups just to do that.

- Got to meet some fun new people, but I wish I could have spent more time with them. And with everybody, really.


- I had super insomnia Friday night and basically didn't sleep at all, which affected my ability to enjoy the rest of the con because I was on 0 sleep.

- I was in emotional hell.

- Because of those two things, I feel like I really missed a large portion of cool things going on that I would have otherwise enjoyed.

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BTW, despite all of my idiosyncrasies, I really do think of many of you all as close friends. I'm know that Im not an easy person to get to know but I'm really not that scary of a guy. Weird, maybe. I really do appreciate all the time that I get to spend with people at places like MAGfest. It means a lot to me and it keeps me grounded. My cup runneth over.

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