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Super Dodge Ball: Around the World - History

Murmeli Walan

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Well, considering that Kyle made a Wikipedia article for the project (in haste, IMO), I'd recommend anyone else do what they can to contribute content regarding the project to prevent the article from being deleted.



In the future, I'd say wait until a project is wrapped up/about to be released before doing a page on it. Otherwise, people get the wrong idea that it's meant to be some sort of advertisement.

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I didn't even know I had a Wikipedia article until just now.

...I don't know, I really don't feel that the article should be up at the moment. I don't have an album cover. Heck, I don't even have a complete tracklisting yet.

I don't have the time to do any major editing today, but I'll see what I can do about tonight or tomorrow.

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I definitly interested in hearing one of the best sports game's music given tribute.

Me too. I think that's why I keep extending and cancelling WIP deadlines. I know that these artists have lives outside of the internet like I do. Things can get in the way of the creative process. But I also want to make sure that the songs in this project are great. I don't mean like OCR-level great or anything, but something that people will love listening to. I have faith in the remixers to do just that.

Speaking of art, I would be very gratful to anybody who could design for me some little Around the World badge sig things like the other projects have. My SDB title sig that I stole from Seanbaby's site is getting old for me, and I'd like to go back to some of my other sigs.

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Just out of question, are there any more deadlines yet? I hope to know that before I could work on my track a little more.

I plan on setting another deadline in the next couple of days. As you can probably tell, I really don't want to cut anyone, but if I have to...

And hey, if all else fails you (or someone else if you can't seem to handle the telephone for some reason or other O.o) can give it some publicity. :) VGF/VGDJ makes a good start, I think.

Heh, I was already mentioned in like, the third or fourth episode of VGDJ, and again on the RotS release episode, where Aurora confused my project with Shael's. :P

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Around the World: The Super Dodge Ball Arrangement Project

Track Name ReMixer Name WIP

Title Screen ------------
Team Setup Xelebes Yes
Match Start Ichitootah Yes
Team All-Stars ------------
Team England Nods Yes
Team India ------------
Team Iceland Rexy Yes
Team China ------------
Team Kenya Harmony Yes
Team Japan ------------
Team USSR AkumajoBelmont/Dimmignatt Yes
Team Shadow ------------
Versus Play ------------
Bean Ball Ryan8bit DONE
Ending/Credits AkumajoBelmont No

Available for guitar work: Wy0StarFox

Available for vocal work: Ch|oroPhi|, Rexy

Unclaimed Tracks

Title Screen

Team All-Stars

Team India

Team China

Team Japan

Team Shadow

Versus Play

The next WIP deadline is set for March 1st, 2006. With the exception of Ryan8bit, who's track is more or less completed, anyone who doesn't send me a WIP update will be cut from the project. Unless you have a very, very good excuse, there will be no exceptions. I've waited far too long for this project to staginate any further. The following list of remixers will show who's exempt from the cut.

WIP Update (safe from March 1st deadline)



No WIP Update (possible cut from project)






You all have exactly one month from now to send me either an updated WIP or your final track. Let's get this project moving.

Edit - Unfortunately, Dimmignatt has informed me that that he won't be able to continue work on his mix due to a number of reasons. I would like to publically thank him for the work he put into his tracks, and I wish him good luck in the future. Of course, that now means that five tracks are as of now unclaimed.

Edit - Claado can't take part in the project due to his schedule with the Navy. So Team China is back on the list of claimable tracks.

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I was actually thinking about doing the title screen. I loved this game so much, still do. I just have a question: If I do deside to remix the title screen, would I only have till March 1st for the WIP deadline, since I'd be joining so late? Cause I still have to learn how to play the song and come up with an idea of what to do with it.

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Hello. I´m sorry to inform that you can count me out of the project. I just have too many things on my hands right now and I´m nowhere near pleased with my track anyway.

Good luck with the project to the rest of you! Hope to see it finished one day.

Ahhh! That's quite a shame to hear, as I really liked your All-Stars WIP. Maybe someday we'll get to hear the final product. Good luck with you in the future.

Rexy: Yes, March 1st is the deadline. If you think you need an extension, let me know.

'The' Ace: If you want to remix the Title Screen, then I'd be more than happy to give you a WIP extension. That goes for anyone who claims a track from now until the deadline.

Everybody, the month's about half over, and I haven't recieved any WIPs yet. Lets get these in!

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Alright, I got China. I know exactly what way I'm goin with this.

Fantastic. I was beginning to think nobody would take that track.

Also, if you don't mind me saying, your old Dodge Ball remix from way back when (which was posted in this thread, BTW) partially inspired me to start organizing this project.

Haha, that actually means a lot ^_^... although I think I've personally grown a lot since then musically so expect somethin higher quality than that XD.

edit: And ya know I'm here if ya need any gfx help =)

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