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OCR02321 - Pokémon Gold Version "Precious Metals"


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I can easily understand djp's sentiment over the 'consumerist' nature of the track, considering that Goldenrod had a department store. So I guess I'm pretty much imagining it all decked up with tinsel and flashing lights. :razz:

What managed to surprise me is that rhythm-wise, it managed to base itself more on the HeartGold/SoulSilver version, so even with the 8-bit sounds it managed to root into more modern-day relevance and all. The starter sound effects at 1:11 placed in were awesome/appropriate, and the morphing of the theme throughout the short time frame really makes it felt like it went on for longer than merely 2 and a half minutes; very cute and charming arrangement.

Also, is it me or is there a distinct amount of reverb placed across the whole mix aside from the ending? Not saying that's a distractant, but it did somehow make me think the extra space might've made the mix feel a bit too empty for something as chirpy as this.

Light irk aside, Ben and halc working together is a pleasure to witness, and I'm all up for seeing more clever interpretations from both artists (even individually) in the near future :)

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Jeez, has it been a while since the Pokemon album was posted? This here is a late bloomer.

This is a nice happy & relaxing chip hybrid track, or what halc lovingly calls 9bit. It doesn't overstay its welcome, but I do wish there was some more to it somehow. Hard to really hate this mix though, the Pokemon sound effects have to make you smile!

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02321 - Pokémon Gold Version "Precious Metals"

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