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Thing is, it's entirely unfeasible to investigate each individual claim. This is the reason they have the suspension system in place: the automated system suspends the channel, after which real people can step in and evaluate claims, etc. My guess is this is an automated procedure, triggered after the channel hit some critical mass of flags or reports. Could be very wrong, though.

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okay I need to clear one thing. When I open any OCR YT URL,

I see this:


and NOT this:


Not sure where the whole spam thing came from (or am I the only one seeing that "terminated" message)?


Never mind. Just tried going to the channel/user page and saw this:


This gives hope that all videos are there. They simply need to re-activate the account and nothing will be lost.

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This is closer to spam then the channel ever was.

So YouTube, you think we spam? Now we will!

Jokes aside, I share the sentiment, Fishy. But at the same time, this is totally ridiculous.

OCR has a judges panel to help make sure music is sufficiently different from the original to avoid exactly this type of thing (on top of forcing people to not to be lazy in their remixes).

I did my tweets, and now to hurry up and wait. Armchair activism at its finest?

We need to assemble and protest!

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There was probably a deaf guy who saw every OC ReMix video as it was posted, saw that each one was exactly the same thing, and flagged them all. I know that sounds silly but anything is possible.

That's what I was thinking. Well, not necessarily the deaf part, but that the videos all appear the same and someone jumped the gun before using their brain.

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I bet someone used the spam flag "Mass Advertising: means someone who is using automated systems or bots to advertise."

Where we? Um,


Jokes aside, I think that you should tweet at @Google along with @YouTube. This might get things working again.

Also, if any OCR people happen to work at a Google facility, please see if you can do something about this.


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I retweeted the suggested tweet...kind of looking a bit like, um, spam :nicework:

I also tweeted a link to the OCR content policy. I'm kind of wondering if the error page for OCR on YouTube is just a standard "Suspended due to drama" message, and maybe they're afraid of copyright infringements due to most content on OCR's channel being video game music/video related. By the way, no I did not read any posts before mine except the intro post. So if someone else already mentioned that, sorry for stealin' your thunder. I have life to get back to and don't have time for the forums much anymore

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Spammed the spam...

I think we're all aware that sending large quantities of the same message to youtube may not be the best way to prove we aren't spammers. But what alternative exists? Youtube has effectively thrown away hundreds of hours of effort on the part of the ocremix team, defamed them without just cause, and disrupted their ability to function as a non-profit entity. Youtube's actions have severe consequences. To add insult to injury, they've provided no direct means of rectifying their error. Therefore, I believe we are justified in pursuing any reasonable action to correct this grievous mistake.

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I work at a marketing company and today I am checking and confirming our list of clients we have on Google accounts - logins and passwords, and a huge number of them, including my own personal Gmail account, had been disabled - mine seemed to give me the disabled message in error.

I've yet to get to the real bottom of this, but it made me think of OCR's predicament. As Google has been updating so much of their stuff lately, I'm wondering if there are some errors going around. I'm pretty sure thats not what's going on here, but something I thought to share as it might be relevant.

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