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Is You Tube really that out of touch? How can they not know what OCRemix is about. This whole debacle has got to be the work of some moderator over there that is living under a rock.

Nope, it's an automated server that's done it.

Apparently, if a channel gets enough flags, then a server will suspend the account. Then someone else has to come and check out the claim, then decide to fix it or not, based on the claims and the flags sent, in this case, "spam".

How about we begin emailing Google and YouTube about it?

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Yay! Glad that the account was brought back to life so swiftly. :)

By the way, in regard to:

it’s pretty much impossible for us to be commercially deceptive.

I'm just gonna go ahead and speculate since no other reason for the takedown was given and this wasn't mentioned anywhere in this thread.

Could the links in every video description to buy hoodies/shirts and to make donations have led some people to draw the wrong conclusions?

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