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Know any ballroom VGM?


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I'm gonna DJ a ballroom event next week, thought I'd inject some vgm culture into it. The emphasis seems to be on waltz and tango according to the request list I've got. You guys know any good vgm or remixes along those lines? Chiptunes are cool, but they tend to not have quite the same grandeur as orchestral stuff. Then again, I'd be fine with electronica too, as long as it fits the ballroom rhythms. The ideal would be a waltz in about 114 bpm, but I'll consider anything and everything.

And if anyone knows of a version of Uematsu's Waltz Suomi (FFV) that doesn't lose tempo in the breaks like the Dear Friends version, that'd be awesome. :D Other than the chip original, thatis.

So, ballroom vgm or arrange/remix suggestions?

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Hi everybody,

I'm a DJ at a student ballroom dancing association and I'm looking for some video game music that is also suitable for ballroom dancing. I was wondering if anyone here has experience with both ballroom dancing and VG music that could point me to some good, danceable music (original or remixed is both fine).

Thanks in advance!

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