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Milky Way Wishes: A Kirby Super Star Tribute - History

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Thanks for the responses guys. It means a lot to me.

Well, now that our biggest problem has been identified (communication), we need to take some steps to solve it.

Here's my idea: We create another thread for this project, one that's password-protected, so that the staff can discuss ideas freely and openly without worrying about the peeping eyes of the public. Hopefully DJP or Darkesword can hook us up with one. :)

What do you guys reccomend? Should I tighten up email regulations? Do I need to crack down on people who haven't shown up yet? (Should I bribe ya'll? :P)

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Want centralization?

Get a website and/or your own forums. That seems to be working well on Summoning of Spirits (minus one person).

Kyle got it right, Overcoat. But even if I was a n00b (more of a n00b, anyways), a suggestion is still a suggestion. Just trying to give advice, since the writing does seem to be what's held up.

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Good points Arek and Pzykotikfreak, I just wanted to attempt to have it done here first so all the staff wouldn't have to deal with reregistering their names (thus improving centralization). In fact, I'll stand by this request until I hear from DJP or Darkesword directly. :)

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Omg is that style allowed for the project? Please? >_>;

It's about time to bring up art styles again.

I won't lie, we made a serious mistake early on by telling all the artists to conform to one type of art style. I've made it worse by not bringing it up sooner. Quite frankly, one type of art style throughout the whole book doesn't work. :? I've thought about it for quite a while, and, if it's still possible, I'd like the art to vary chapter by chapter. I mean, we could certainly do it, just flip through the book and you'll see a lot of WIP work, with only 10% finished art.

Should we do this, I'll have to shuffle the workload around a bit. I figure if each chapter has one distinct art style, there should only be one (preferably) or two artists working on said chapter.

I need a vote. Who's up for it?

-Hemophiliac: Not voted

-Neoforte: Not voted

-Oltri: YES

-Cyan_ide: Not voted

-Carefree Captain: Not voted

-G Man: Not voted

-olie!: Not voted

-Rexy: Not voted

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Will my vote count for anything?

I think the varied art would be cool, but I feel it should still look like one big cohesive book. I've seen the idea both work well in comics and work terribly in comics, it could go either way.

Also I hope someone draws like my sig pic ^_^ that would be awesome

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With all the claimed art spread out, it'll be hard to get some people to switch things around to cater to that idea. For example, I have 2 completed pictures: Fatty Whale and Wheel. If we were to go with that then one of them would have to go unused, correct?

I could care less frankly. As long as it's fun to do the style could be surrealist pointallism.

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