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MAGFest - Guide to the National Harbor (updated for MAG XV/2017)


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Nature's Table turned out to be a great option for pickup since people tended to not go there compared to other places in the area.

They also tended never to be open. The hours 'claim' to be open 'til 10:00 or 10:30, but they always closed down by like 5:00. I only ate there once the entire con and it was just for coffee and gelato.

...which is all I really wanted anyway. KF

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Hey everyone! So with MAGFest XI just a few days away, I decided to rewrite and update the first post. Some info is similar, but since (a) there are some new places open, and (B) we've had a bit more experience at the National Harbor, it may be worth checking out. Please comment on anything I may have missed, and feel free to pass the information around.

I tried to note every place in the area, including everything noted on MAGFest's schedule.

Just 3 more days! KF

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also, if you have specific fitness goals, a decent amount of the restaurants are really accommodating if you order the right stuff, I did some maths with online menus and figured this stuff out:

Obviously MAG itself is very different that a regular schedule, so eating what you can, when you can is ideal. Here is a list of choices with good macro ratios, though they may be a little low on carbs to sustain for a whole day. Generally since meals come infrequently at mag, you'd want to double up on some of these or grab one to go for a few hours later. Aim for around 600 calories so you dont get sleepy, but still have a lot of energy.

Stuff listed has calories, protein, and carb numbers when i could find it.

Baja Fresh

Chicken Salad 310 46 18

Nando Peri Peri

Basted Chicken Breast 177 30 1

Pinapple slice 30 0 8

corn 90 3 17

pita 165 6 35


easymode, just be smart

nature's table

assume 25g protein per sandwich

mediterranean chicken : 350

shanghai chicken : 450

rice bowls: 650

roast beef sandwich: 420

turkey: 300

ham and swiss: 450

ultimate: 500 (45g Protein)


turkey breast, wheat, swiss, lettuce, pickle, tomato, mustard 468 36

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I wholeheartedly endorse Rosa Mexicano for anyone looking for a good mexican meal - pricey but great!

McCormick & Schmicks is also pricey, but I remember having a good filet mignon at one in Baltimore...for about $50 though.

Elevation Burger was pretty popular, but solid stuff. Nando's Peri-Peri is some good stuff, I'll probably be hitting it up at some point. Shops like Potbelly's and Subway are your standard chain sandwich shops. Baja Fresh is like other burrito places, and one of the closest restaurants.

Ketchup was a bit pricey for what it was IMO. Not the worst option, but some people have had mixed experiences from what I've heard.

Can't speak to the other options, haven't been there. There's a Ben & Jerry's by the harbor too near the Potbelly's from what I remember.

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Ok, I just updated the first post for MAGFest XII / 2014, now that we're just a week away!

One of the things that has me most excited is that the Godiva Store has been replaced with SPAGnVOLA Chocolatier. SPAGnVOLA is one of my favorite chocolate-makers (second only to Lindt), and their quality is fantastic -- way above Godiva. Assuming it's the same as other SPAGnVOLA stores, they'll have hot chocolate, gelato, and coffee at about normal prices (and like bonbons/truffles for crazy prices).

Oh, I also had the chance to try Fiorella (when Larry decided to come into town), and Harrington's -- so both of those descriptions are now updated. I actually liked Harrington's well enough.

Anyway, see you all at MAG! KF

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[20:20] <Bahamut> how does Harrington's sound to people?

[20:20] <DragonAvenger> is that the irish pub place?

[20:20] <Bahamut> yep

[20:20] <DragonAvenger> im down with that

[20:21] <Bahamut> Kaiser said it's ok/not bad

[20:21] <Bahamut> (he tried it out)

[20:21] <DragonAvenger> yeah, we tried it

[20:21] <DragonAvenger> was like

[20:21] <DragonAvenger> not amazing, but good

[20:21] <Bahamut> oh, you should put a review in the MAGFest food review thread then

[20:21] <DragonAvenger> tooooo lazy

[20:21] <DragonAvenger> :)

I'm slightly less lazy. :-)

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I'd meant to get to this earlier, but I've finally updated the guide for MAG XIII / 2015.

Unfortunately, the news isn't that good. There's a distinct trend of pushing out cheaper places to eat (even good cheaper places) in favor of more expensive places or... uh... empty retail space.

Here's the gist of it. Here are a few of the good places that are gone:

- Nature's Table

- Baja Fresh

- Freshii

And here are some of the places that are added:

- Redstone

- Crab Cake Cafe

In all, six places are gone, three places are new. At the very least, be thankful that Nando's, SPAGnVOLA, and Elevation Burger are still around. Especially Nando's.

...see you all this weekend!!! KF

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