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JH Sounds new album - The Duosis Sessions

JH Sounds

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Get free album here

Hello, all. For a while I've been secretly composing under the name Duosis. The reason for this was to see if feedback of my work would differ from that of music submitted under my usual name. After creating a few tracks, I focused on polishing the material as well as creating new tracks specifically for an album. The Duosis Sessions is a spiritual successor of my Genuine LP in that it largely consists of sampled material that I re-contextualized and built off of for new tracks. In some cases a sampled riff segment beckoned to become a beat; in others I had a specific chord progression in mind that I achieved through constantly pitch-shifting audio clips.

For the sake of completion I also included my re-edit of Rellik's Kirby arrangement "Kirby...tacular" from the OCR album Rise of the Star, as a hidden track. It's what renewed my interest in killer sample chopping in the first place. 8-)

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So I gave it a listen.

I wanted to be open-minded, so this is the first non-video game album I've downloaded, so I am not used to it.

It's good, I love the style and the diversity, but I am hesitant to accept it because of my relative inexperience in this type of music.

I definitely approve though. One of more favorite pieces is Ocean Riff

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Having listened to all your albums, I can safely say this is the weirdest. And I know that's a bold statement considering your music is pretty quirly to begin with.

Some tracks sound like french rap (Unrelenting Hate), french electro (Chagrin) or just generic pop (In Your Eyes). Others are literally pushing the boundaries of repetition tolerance from a listener perspective (Startup, I'm Ever Cold, Staff Credit). And that comes from someone who listened to sample-based music most of his life.

Then, in the middle of all this Duosis, we find some real J64H gems, carefully hidden amongst the lot. Delightful songs such as Chasing Sunrays, New Beginning (and its reprise), Remember and the exquisite Ocean Riff are exactly what I'm expecting from a quality JH release.

Overall, I get the concept of duality you brought in these Psychosis Sessions (yes, that what I'm calling them from now on), and it takes guts to experiment so boldly with so many styles. In the end, it's gonna be hit or miss depending on the audience, but there are definitely some gold nuggets in there for the discerning listener. :-)

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So on a quick listen through, here are my comments on the album...

Some pretty sick 303 action going on in Unrelenting Hate.

Lots of good head bobing action going on in this album.

Loving Chasing Sunrays. One of the best on the album.

New Beginning just made me smile. Love that male vocal sample.

That groove on Unloved is tight.

In Your Eyes is really sweet. I love that vocalish synth. The whole track is tits.

This is big improvement to your older stuff. Keep it up JH. Never stop making music.

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Requested listen on IRC, listening to it right now.

Startup: nice, i like the chill feel it has. Sounds like something i could listen to on a nice drive.

Unrelenting Hate: whoa different style. DAT BASS. good stuff

Chagrin: Eh, not so much on this one. I feel as though there's little variation here, which doesn't grab my attention.

Temptation Rising: More variation with the sampling here which is nice. I'm liking the drums. Good effects here that keeps the sampling from remaining stagnant.

I'm ever cold: Diggin the bassline. I keep waiting for the vocals to be sliced to something other than "im ever cold," like some "co-co-cold" or something to spice stuff up.

Chasing sunrays: i like this one. Piano sounds nice, and the samples come together very nicely to create a sound better than the sum of their parts.

Staff credits: good use of effects for transitions. bassline keeps things interesting, but i feel some parts are played perhaps one too many times.

New Beginning: happy and bouncy, this one has quite a bit of energy that maintains throughout. i like the sound of the main sample here, as well as the brass in the background.

Feel the sun: the mainipulation of the vocals at the beginning of this is what i was waiting for "im ever cold." piano meshes beautifully with the rest of the piece (i'm sort of a sucker for piano). Good changeup with the drums at the end.

Unloved: i like this. The manipulation of the vocals in this is better than the previous songs. the effects are used in good regard as well.

Ocean Riff: Niiiice. slower drum beat and smooth piano make this a chill piece. i thought the stringish sample was a little loud, but that certainly doesn't detract from the good layers, transitions, and instrumentation this piece possesses.

In your eyes: vocals remain steady while the background changes in a piece that progresses nicely. at times i wish things would change up more dramatically. While the addition of another synth halfway through helps, some of the more subtle changes are lost through the consistent.

Remember: nice waltzish beat changes things up a bit. more effects on the vocals, though i still wish for more altered samples. weird ending.

Beginning reprise: good lead. the addition of the running countermelody is also appreciated, as well as the changeups in instrumentation. a good piece to end the album on a satisfied note.

Overall, there are some hits and misses with this album. steady, chill energy is abundant here, but can be distorted through heavy repetition in some pieces. Regardless, this is an album that is definitely worth checking out.

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