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(il)legalsounds Selling OCR Albums


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I understand what's going on here and can only imagine how pissed the musicians who got ripped off by these guys must be, but at the same time I don't understand how it makes any sense for beaglesounds to sell stuff that can legally be acquired for free.

Several aspects of this problem just grate on my nerves, including the sheer lack of intelligence these people apparently possess and the slap in the face they've given to the musicians whose work is being sold on that site.

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Well clearly they're scraping Bandcamp. :lol:

Anyone ReMixer or composer here who has a page there may want to check for their stuff on (il)Legalsounds.

BTW, if I'm missing the Bandcamp page of a posted mixer for their profile, lemme know.


Just changed it from solesignal.protagonistrecords.com so looks like I lucked out.

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For whatever it's worth*, I'm getting people riled about it elsewhere, too (NG, for example, is also heavily affected by the site). The more people pissed about it, the better.

* - the actual worth is close to nothing, since it's entirely outside the USA's jurisdiction, and therefore the site can just give us the big middle finger if we demand a takedown.

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So many friends are on here - MC Lars, Beefy, etc. It's not just Bandcamp. I've put out a call on Twitter - if we organize, I think it may have some sort of effect. Just not sure what that effect will be.

Oh, the irony that this is what SOPA was about. If only it actually attacked the problem and not the country.


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i think you're thinking of Hyrule.

i've seen these sites before. i'm not really sure what can be done, we could email them all day long but i'm fairly sure they know what they're doing and all you'd get is a very Ruskie "fuck off", if that.

but if anyone has had success shutting them down I'm all ears!

I also have a hard time believing people give much business to these sites when they could just go one site over and get them for free...

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No, I think you're thinking of Hyrule. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_currency

Anyways, yeah, these places can't possibly make enough real money for anyone to give a shit. Most internet savvy people wouldn't trust a site that looks like that much less give it money. You ever Google your own published work that's out? I had my ESPERS album show up on a Christian Civil War Music site once. My novel showed up on studentdoctorsupplies.com or something like that.

Distribution gets crazy to the point where you don't know if these sites are phantoms are not. I found one some years ago and wrote David about it to no interest on his part, so I pretty much assumed everyone knew about these sites and knew the best thing to do was pretty much ignore it since, yeah, its Russia, they don't give a shit over there.

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i think you're thinking of Hyrule.

i've seen these sites before. i'm not really sure what can be done, we could email them all day long but i'm fairly sure they know what they're doing and all you'd get is a very Ruskie "fuck off", if that.

but if anyone has had success shutting them down I'm all ears!

I also have a hard time believing people give much business to these sites when they could just go one site over and get them for free...

What happened when I found out that they were stealing NiGHTS: Lucid Dreaming was I put the call out online, here and elsewhere, to email them and bombard their twitter with requests to remove it. They took it down in under two days, but did not send a response email to me at all.

I can only assume it would have the same effect again.

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It was the same website?

Yes, it was.


Really, just getting the word out and having a few sites and a lot of people email was exactly what resolved the issue with this one. However, that was just one album then...this is potentially a whole slew of artists that they host.

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I Wrote them.....I apologize for the wall of text:

Good day, my name is Mike Ponce, and I firmly request that you immediately cease and desist the hosting and sales of the following artists' music:

8 Bit Instrumental - http://8bitinstrumental.bandcamp.com

8 Bit Weapon - http://8bitweapon.bandcamp.com

A_Rival - http://rivalrivalrival.bandcamp.com

Aetherius - http://aetherius.bandcamp.com

Alec Holowka - http://infiniteammo.bandcamp.com

Alexander Brandon - http://alexanderbrandon.bandcamp.com

Andrew Curnock - http://beattherapy.bandcamp.com

Arkimedes - http://leitbur.bandcamp.com

Benjamin Briggs - http://benjaminbriggs.bandcamp.com

Big Giant Circles - http://biggiantcircles.bandcamp.com

Binster - http://binster.bandcamp.com

brentalfloss - http://brentalfloss.bandcamp.com

Brian Allen Holmes - http://brianallenholmes.bandcamp.com

Brian Grainger - http://milieu.bandcamp.com

C418 - http://c418.bandcamp.com

CFX - http://cfxmusic.bandcamp.com

Christian Pacaud - http://unconsciouscity.bandcamp.com

Cyborg Jeff - http://cyborgjeff.bandcamp.com

Danny Baranowsky - http://dbsoundworks.bandcamp.com

DarK PurPLe - http://phrancis.bandcamp.com

DCT - http://sonicskillz.bandcamp.com

Derek Huelsman - http://dhuelsman.bandcamp.com

DiGi Valentine - http://digivalentine.bandcamp.com

Disasterpeace - http://disasterpeace.bandcamp.com

DrumUltimA - http://medicinelake.bandcamp.com

elzfernomusic - http://elzfernomusic.bandcamp.com

Erik Asmussen - http://erikthomas82.bandcamp.com

Evahn - http://evanp.bandcamp.com

flashygoodness - http://flashygoodness.bandcamp.com

Flexstyle - http://flexstyle.bandcamp.com

Frédéric Motte - http://elmobo.bandcamp.com

Grant Kirkhope - http://grantkirkhope.bandcamp.com

halc - http://halc.bandcamp.com

Hot Freaks - http://hotfreaks.bandcamp.com

Howard Drossin - http://howarddrossin.bandcamp.com

HyperDuck SoundWorks - http://hyperduck.bandcamp.com

Insert Rupee - http://insertrupee.bandcamp.com

Inverse Phase - http://inversephase.bandcamp.com

Jake Kaufman - http://virt.bandcamp.com

Jakesnke17 - http://djjd.bandcamp.com

Jason Covenant - http://jasoncovenant.bandcamp.com

JH Sounds - http://jhsounds.bandcamp.com

jmr - http://jmrmusic.bandcamp.com

Jonathan Geer - http://jonathangeer.bandcamp.com

Jonathan van den Wijngaarden - http://musicbyjonathan.bandcamp.com

Jormungand - http://jschwebke.bandcamp.com

Josh Whelchel - http://joshw.bandcamp.com

Joshua Morse - http://joshuamorse.bandcamp.com

kLuTz - http://klutzmusic.bandcamp.com

ktriton - http://ktriton.bandcamp.com

k-wix - http://k-wix.bandcamp.com

Laura Shigihara - http://laurashigihara.bandcamp.com

Magnus Pålsson - http://souleyedigitalmusic.bandcamp.com

Malcos - http://malcos.bandcamp.com

Mattias Häggström Gerdt - http://anosou.bandcamp.com

Mattias Holmgren - http://mattiasholmgren.bandcamp.com

Mazedude - http://mazedude.bandcamp.com

Mega Ran - http://random.bandcamp.com

Mellogear - http://summerherekids.bandcamp.com

Meteo Xavier - http://meteoxavier.bandcamp.com

Minibosses - http://minibosses.bandcamp.com

N00dle - http://noodletheinnocentchild.bandcamp.com

Navi - http://swamisound.bandcamp.com

Nick Perrin - http://nickperrin.bandcamp.com

OverCoat - http://overcoat.bandcamp.com

Peter Hajba - http://skaven252.bandcamp.com

Phr4kture - http://phrakture.bandcamp.com

Poolside - http://poolside.bandcamp.com

Prince of Darkness - http://tonydickinson.bandcamp.com

Project X - http://projectx.bandcamp.com

PROTO·DOME - http://protodome.bandcamp.com

PrototypeRaptor - http://prototyperaptor.bandcamp.com

RoeTaKa - http://alexroe.bandcamp.com

Romain Gauthier - http://ninomojo.bandcamp.com

sci - http://soundsfromsci.bandcamp.com

Sefiros - http://sefiros.bandcamp.com

Select Start - http://selectstartband.bandcamp.com

Shane Barber - http://rushcoil.bandcamp.com

Shnabubula - http://shnabubula.bandcamp.com

Sir Jordanius - http://sirjordanius.bandcamp.com

some1namedjeff - http://jeffball.bandcamp.com

Stemage - http://stemage.bandcamp.com

The Grammar Club - http://thegrammarclub.bandcamp.com

The Joker - http://davidlpuga.bandcamp.com

The Megas - http://themegas.bandcamp.com

The OneUps - http://theoneups.bandcamp.com

The Vagrance - http://thecoldcoldhearts.bandcamp.com

TheGuitahHeroe - http://theguitahheroe.bandcamp.com

Theophany - http://theophany-rmx.bandcamp.com

Tim Wright - http://coldstorage.bandcamp.com

Tomáš Dvořák - http://innerfx.bandcamp.com

Tuned Logic - http://tunedlogic.bandcamp.com

Tyler Heath - http://tylerheath.bandcamp.com

WillRock - http://willrock1.bandcamp.com

Year 200X - http://year200x.bandcamp.com

Zas - http://zazmusic.bandcamp.com

zid - http://mohammadyazid.bandcamp.com

zircon - http://zirconstudios.bandcamp.com

zyko - http://zyko.bandcamp.com

The majority of what I've listed is either available for free via the musician's site(s), often the case for video game remixes/re-arrangements, or for profit, usually the case with original, non-derivative works. The violations I accuse you/your site of committing are the following:

-Theft of intellectual property(use without express or implied permission)

-violation of innumerable sets of individual ToS(Terms of Service) set forth by the individual artists/producers of said content

-theft of profits lost by original artists/wages lost

On a personal note, I am ashamed that such a brazen, deceitful act can even be performed by someone who claims to be human. I think about the artists, many of whom are independent, struggling musicians. I think about the fact that every album that they sell, often at a 'pay-what-you-want' rate, helps them pay their bills. The fact that you would undercut these people sickens me; That you would do so under a banner of "paying royalties to the artists", and that you even have the audacity to name your site "Legal Sounds" is outright revolting.

I am not an artist. I am a fan. I don't have disposable income with which to buy every album that I want, even at the ridiculously low costs that are often set. When I DO decide to purchase music, I want my money to go to the artists, not a self-glorifying online con-artist.

To make the grievous matters even worse is the fact that I was notified of this scam by a community on which I participate--OverClocked ReMix. This site survives on the goodwill of video game music composers, who stipulate that as long as the site is not-for-profit, they endorse these tributes made in their name. Your site, by contrast, SELLS OUTRIGHT the works of many of these composers, robbing them of their rightful credit and compensation, eroding the goodwill and relationships that we(the community) have built.

I request that you remove these links, or AT THE VERY LEAST, acknowledge that rightful credit has NOT been given. I implore you to take the high road. Our community is peaceful and amiable, provided open talks are attempted. I warn you, however, that this community is a sizeable one. ignoring these requests will not end well for your site.


Mike 'PC' Ponce

OverClocked ReMix member

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