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OCR00464 - Mega Man 3 "Blue Lightning"


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Mega Man 3 'Blue Lightning'

I like everything about this mix except the bit rate, and the length. I mean I see why he lowered the bit rate to 96, for the sake of keeping the song 8 minutes and 40 seconds long. But I’m questioning whether that length is really necessary. Regardless of my opinions of quality, this mix still has its saves. The synths and the bassline for example, really make my day. Thanks for a very nice and long mix, Disco Dan.

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I thought this remix was awesome. What i enjoyed most about it was the beginning when it was like bumm bumm bumm buummmmm ya know...it sort of built up suspense for the rest of the song. in any case I recommend you give this one a looksy. Disco dan...you rock the shnizzle.

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Since you seemed so pleased with my previous comment about this tune,

and seem to actually care about peoples' comments, I thought I'd share

more detailed thoughts about your updated version. Bare in mind that

I've never programmed music myself, but I've been listening to music

from the PC scene for a while (been into trackers/MODS/demoscene for

like 6 years) and really enjoy electronic music.

That being said, here's my thoughts (my apologies to the forum

readers for this length):

I like what you've done to the intro "whistle" section - it's dreamier

and generally more pleasing to the ear. I think straying from the

original NES sound was a good thing.

The faster pattern at time :30 has a good sound to it. Not as edgy as

your original version. Good move.

Time :44 doesn't have enough edge to it, though. It doesn't "surround"

and "capture" me as much as I wish it did. I think less "echo" - it's

too washed out, I feel. I really prefer the way the background entered

in your first version.

Time 1:10 - back to the NES-ish lead. Again, could use a bit more edge

to wind up somewhere between your first version and this. An

improvement, though. Less of that 8-bit sound - more symphonic but

still maintining some nostaligia.

1:17 - Back to basics. Me like :) Perhaps some more highs on the

kick. The kick on your first version sounded nice (I prefer more of a

wider-spectrum kick drum that has some presence above 30Hz :)

1:45 - Exactly what I wish you would do with the echo/ambience on the

lead/counterlead synth lines. Prehaps a bit more attack on them would

be good, though.

2:25 - The faster sub-lead is a nice change in patch from your original

version. Better indeed!

2:52 - More attack...please....I'm beggin' ya! :)

The background beat waveform soloing at 3:52 is really nice! Kinda

reminds me of Metroid - very classic NES. Good choice.

Good fade-in at 4:20 - a definet improvement from version 1

4:31 - Is that the same lead as before? Sounds different - almost

better to me. I like the mix change, too - the leads don't stand out so

much, kinda blends together more like modern electronica

5:05 - The lead line is back and it's baaaad! I almost wrote to you

originally to comment on the ambience/echo on that line. This is

beetter, indeed. I do find myself wishing that the delay/speed on the

echo were slower so that echo'd lead was the same beat as the lead

instead of double-time...does that make sense?

5:18 - Did you get a better drum synth or something? It all just sounds

MUCH better than before.

7:00 - I'm just in a trance right now....:)

7:27 - Is that high-pitched background conter/lead different or new? I

never really noticed it before. Nice touch.

7:54 - Good lead-out. Nice filtering on the lead...me likes. Kinda

leaves us less painfully than before.

Altogether a good freakin' tune, man! I do have to say, though, IMO the

ambience is a bit too strong overall on the newer version.

Anyway, hope I haven't some off like some high-and-mighty music

god...just my opinions that I figured you may want. Nice work, I am

very impressed with your tunage! 'Til next time...I'll be listenin'.

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First I have to say techno is one of my favorite types of music to listen to right along side with game music. Now you combine them, and you SO have my attention.

Dan, you have done it, and done it perfectly! I enjoyed the music from MM3, and you mixed this song without flaw. I have quite a few remixes of yours and I have to admit, you have become one of my favorite remixers.

10/10 8)

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Wow, thanks for the link to the higher bitrate version! I downloaded all the others too!

Megaman remixes, I think, are pretty tough jobs to do. They're fairly tinny-sounding to begin with, and to do a really good job, you have to do quite a bit more than just throwing same random beat on top of it.

Blue Lightning is an example of a job well done. It gets my whole body flowing with rhythm and I think of what a bitchin' lasershow it would make with this as the motivation (seriously, get a good beat-tracking Sonique/Winamp plugin, full screen it, and watch this baby go. It's pretty good.) While it strays a little bit from the "story" the music goes to, it doesn't do it enough to be totally detached. Really, it's only when you sack the melody for the transitional beats. As soon as the melody comes back, I see that little blue guy daring across the screen. So, I agree with Ginnsu a little bit, in that you could probably shorten it by getting rid of the overly-long indepedant synths.

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I've always loved this mix.

It rates among the ultimate chill out songs, just a great song to blast late and night, and just sit back, and start floating in space. Amazing job discodan, All of your stuff is great, but this is undoubtly your masterpiece

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First, I'm a big fan of Disco Dan's work. He's quite possibly my favorite techno artist, PERIOD. It certainly shows here, also. The first few minutes are masterfully done, replete with awesome synths and (what sound like) pads. This continues through the entire piece, including in the main melody. I have only a couple of gripes. First, it's a bit repetitive. Unless I'm missing something, I don't hear much variation in anything, besides the percussion a bit. I was expecting a bit more in this department for a song of this length. Second, the synth that plays the main melody (not the intro melody) is good, but the arrangement of the notes is very bland, almost as if it were being played with one finger. I would have liked to see that mixed up and varied through the course of the remix.

However, complaints aside, I still love this remix; even if only for the first 4-5 minutes of it. I would give it an 8 out of 10.

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I recently dug this remix out from somewhere. I've had it for more than a year and I loved it to death when I first had it. Listening to it recently brought back so many memories. I just can't figure out why some remixes never "die". This is one of them. If you're new to the site or don't have this song, I'd recommend downloading it immediately.

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Oh. My. God.

Lemme just say, I stumbled onto this site yesterday and was blown away. Someone sent me the Mazedude remix "Oldskool Demon" and I loved it...went to his website and got heaps more of his work, and it led me here...

Have D/L'd heaps of the songs from my NES faves, like 150MB, and came to 'M' and the plethora of MM ReMixes. This is my definitive favourite, hell, I registered just to comment on this one song!

I was reading the posts on Mega Man 3 BlueBomberForever by Mustin and BlueLightning reminded me of a quote by Gener21839: "Its just one of those songs, that you remember and it just kinda gives you an empty feeling and you kinda remember your past playing it... oh well."

I like the Mustin tune, but only get that exact feeling when I play this song and hear that old midi-synth theme sound, I LOVE IT, but it makes me kinda sad at the same time, you know? Wishing I could go back to when I was 12 and spent all day wrapped up in my NES...good times. :cry:

Heh, now i gotta go wade though Super Mario tunes :wink:

Major Kudos. 8)

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this Song is the best out of all the rest if I do say so my self. I wish I could play like that. But I just want to know does this come in a URL? Cuase I'd like to listen to this over and over again without always returning to OCRemix wouldn't that save bandwith too? just wanted to know.

P.S. THIS SONG ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8)

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this song is a classic I must say and agree to anyone and everyone thats said that. Even though I feel like an idiot saying this....this song has got hops like the Blue man himself.

P.S. Jvent I apologize for this but I'm the Wraithman yet changed my name cuase it made me look like an imbecile and the reason why I didn't try the "save as" is becuase once when I went to a different site I couldn't use the "save as" fuction so I completly Xed it out of the "trying" list so thanks anyway I got something for it so all I have to is click and I got it, Thanks!

and again I say This song ROCKS!!! :D

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