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"Step Back" FREE Dubstep EP


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I dropped my bass. Can you help me pick it up??

STEP BACK: http://theguitahheroe.bandcamp.com/album/step-back


I've been really getting into the ear-gratingly horrible subgenres of electronica lately, especially dubstep. So consider this my tribute to a "Step Back" in musical advancement :DDDDDD

In all seriousness though, if you're not a fan of loud, abrasive cacophony and substantial overcompression, I suggest leaving this thread now ;)

Of course, it's completely free.

Hope you all enjoy....or at least try. 8)

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This is pretty slick, and I appreciate any/all 8-bit sounds used here. Hope to mix this into my DJ set list some day.

Oh wow, where do you DJ? That sounds fricken awesome! (any chance you could get a video of it if you do??? Hahaha)

Also glad you like the stuff :)

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Ok I've given this enough time I'll give some of my thoughts:

Not sure what this genre fits under, I would assume this is "brostep"? Either way, it's irrelevant I was just curious.

I was really moved by the movement in your songs; from the cool 80's style melodies and solos and interesting timbres, then going hard with the crazy choppy sections, except for "Epicenter" since it wasn't structured like the other songs. I think my two favorite from this album are "My Fax Machine is Broken" and I'll Fly Away.

The former I like because of the craziness of the choppy section with that punchy snare and kick beat, I can see some kind of montage with a flurry of clips that depict the issues of the world. I'll Fly Away got kinda touchy, but I could relate because I've been feeling the same way since a year ago, and it actually inspired me to work a little harder on my goals.

Productions pretty solid. It's not commercial, but I would still take the songs from this album over a majority of skrillex's stuff.

Well, this is the end of my short review, each track is fun and quirky while having substance, so props GTH! =D

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