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OCRA-0005 - Doom: The Dark Side of Phobos


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I don't know how (or why) my song spawned (I'm awful with puns right now) a discussion on the relation between industry and sex, but I'm rather frightened.

Well... it's quite simple actually. This is OCR. Well that, & for some reason peoples minds seem to be in the gutters... &... um... I blame Mythril for the decline in young(ish) peoples moral core. Shame on you Myth... releasing something you know was gonna start a discussion on global warming... I mean sex.

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What surprised me was this individual is probably the first one that seemed to have an agenda against Evilhorde.


He went a bit too far mentioning Fruityloops though. :D

But anyway : AWESOME!

In other news :

Thanks to everyone for the great feedback. I´m surprised how popular my remixes turned out to be. Really means a lot to me, THANKS!

I love you :D *huggle* we should work on something to rock peoples socks off sometime.

Anytime brother, ANYTIME...

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DSoP 4tehwin!

A friend of mine is a hardcore Doom fan, but not much for the 'net at large, and I showed him this.

I'm here to tell you that there are few things in the world more frightening then being glomped by a 6'6" goth dude.

I know jackall about musical terminology or anything else, but I do know that Hangarmageddon and Darkness Dawning have gotten more playtime then any other song on my playlist since I downloaded DSoP. This is an incredible effort that introduced me to a multitude of fantastic remixers. and I'll be watching eagerly for more by you.

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So, I'm listening to...

"analoq - Demon Con Gusto" (e3l3)

...and enjoyed it enough that I decided to keep it on repeat for the length of the soundtrack instead of listening to the rest! ;)

(catchy synths, pads and drums. I loved especially the buildup at 1:36 and the 2nd octave change at 2:52. The NIN/Closer similarities at 1:36-2:24 and 3:12+ kicked ass)

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I've just listened to tracks 0, 1 and 9 and I want this album so bad! I don't know to how to use torrents so apart from downloading the tracks one by one, how else can i get the entire album onto disc? Is there a .zip?

Do yourself a favour.

Download Bitcomet

Download the torrent

Open Bitcomet

Click File -> Open Torrent

Select the DSoP torrent

Tick the boxes next to the files you want (which would be the MP3's, not the flac's)

Then click ok, the torrent program will do the rest for you. It'll tell you when it's done downloading in a little bubble on the taskbar, and then you just go in and listen.

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I just BARELY finished this album for the first time and am on my second round. Solid! Props to everyone involved.

I haven't listened to the music enough to determine favorites or, forbid, write up any kind of review or criticism. However The Chemical Imps and Jade Spawn really stick out in my mind at this point (the names not so much the music). I don't know, its all sort of a blur at this moment because I have such a bad memory.

There did seem a couple points that seemed a tad weak but I for the life can't remember where. I just remember thinking it. Pathetic, I know, but what can you do?

I wish I would have known about this project early! I would have BEGGED to do a remix. :D

Anyway the general flow of the album is great. I want to go on a road trip now! Flowing albums are always great for road trips. :)

I'm rambling. :o

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Awesome. :)

In other news, the torrent speed spiked back up to 2 or so Mb again - which is cool. Sometime this morning, we'll have hit 5,000 completed downloads from the torrent alone - which is even cooler.

For comparison, it took KiC almost two months to hit 5,000 completed downloads on the torrent. :D

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I can tell you right now that most of the mixes in this won't make it to the site. While they work well as an album project mix, some of them don't quite fit under the site guidelines (ie: straying from the original too far, staying too close to the original.) The quality of the some of the entries might need some work before they can make it past the panel as well.

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Did a Wikipedia page for the project based on a template from Rmrfstar's Kong in Concert Wiki entry (which I also updated). Check it out at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dark_Side_of_Phobos, and of course Navid, Lee, or anyone else that can genuinely contribute to the page is encouraged to fix any potential inaccuracies and provide additional details for the project. This entry in particular could use some expansion for the entry, for example a sentence or two regarding the style of the original soundtrack. demonik! electronik!

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