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Women music artists?


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this thread is now about posting links to awesome music by yoko shimomura

I can get on board with that.

As far as female composers and arrangers go, Laura Shigihara has done original works and some remakes on her channel. I think she's probably most well known for the OST for Plants vs. Zombies? Unless there's something else she's done. I could be wrong.

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I was curious since so far I haven't seen any women's names on the list of artists.

See, this is what we should be responding to instead of throwing in random female composers. :razz: And here I come with a comprehensive list of every female OC Remixer that has contributed -

Ashleigh Coryell - sung on a couple of bLiNd's works

Aurora - sung on the Beyond Good & Evil mix "Frame of Mind" from Destructo and SGX

BogusRed - VG pianist

ceili - Sephfire's wife? Contributed a vocal part on the SotC track "Snowfall on Forbidden Lands"

Cuddly Battleship Kattywampus - Sent a mix back in 2000

Dani - did vocals on FF8 "Eyes on Me (Obsession)" from CotMM

Danielle Messina - sung on the NiGHTS track "Dies, Nox et Omnia" written by Josh Whelchel

Dazey - Did vocals on Zelda: MM track "Link to the Mask" from Nubioso

Destiny - ethnic arranger/vocalist dating from the first half of the noughties

diotrans - one half of Flickerfall with Palpable, has also collabed with adrian on the Kingdom Hearts track "Destiny Forgotten"

DragonAvenger - vocalist that collabed with a lot of people, and is also serving as an OCR judge

ella guro - transgender arranger formerly known as Adhesive Boy, changed gender long after her most recent posted entry

Gamer Symphony Orchestra - okay, they're not all girls, but the roster isn't all boys either :razz:

injury - long time OCR user with a handful of submissions on the site, and provides the occasional vocal part to other users' arrangements now

Janna McKinley - contributed vocals to Evan Arnett's Metal Gear solid arrangement "The Price of Freedom"

Jennifer Graham - provided vocals on the FF7 track "Serenity" led by Mustin

Jenny Fae Davis - played the flute on audio fidelity's Secret of Evermore track "Somber Memory"

Jillian Aversa - zircon's wife, classical vocalist also known for providing vocals on a number of remixes, formerly known as pixietricks

Juverna - 2 mixes from OCR's early days, claims to be self-taught

Kassi - collabed with Jaxx and Mustin back in OCR's early days; piano backing player and also wrote some organic parts as well

katethegreat19 - Highly acclaimed vocalist

ladyWildfire - contributed vocals to Brandon Strader's Zelda 3 track "Bottled Choir"

Laura Shigahara - indie game composer who worked on the Zelda 3 piano arrangement "Fushigina Forest" for 25YEARLEGEND

LindsayAnne Klemm - sent a symphonic mix back in 2004

Lisa Leammons - see Jennifer Graham

Loka LaFevre - provided vocals on Hy Bound's FF4 track "Somewhere to Hide"

LuIzA - female guitarist, part of the OverClocked Plaid Muffins (she's the only girl though)

Melinda Hershey - Part of Poolside with Josh Whelchel

MomUltima - DrumUltimA's mother, played viola on several of his tracks

Monobrow - in a relationship with Protricity, only known post on the site also had involvement from him, AeroZ and injury

Nicole Adams - involved in 2 of the tracks that injury collabed on :P Nicole is more of a pop writer and producer

nonsenscialexis - part of the SotC collab "Wanderer on the Offensive" with B33J, Cerrax and Sixto Sounds; she played the viola part

Rexy (me) - generally a pianist/arrangement writer, apparently now soon to be known for female death metal vocals :lol:

Rydia of Mist - sung on one of FFMusicDj's works

Scott - one mix duiring OCR's early days; a more mysterious arranger, her sole track can be seen as extremely experimental

Simona - Italian vocalist, sung on the Stormlord track "Seneca's Marble Pack Edit" by N-Joy

Stacy Morse - played the flute part for Joshua Morse and posu yan's Street Fighter 2 track "Coconut Milk"

ZelterXC - contributed inspiration and vocals to her brother sci's NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams arrangement "Lucid Dream, Latent Gate"

I hope this helps out in regards to the OP. If I'm missing anything, please clue us in!

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