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Project M: Version 3.0 Releases Dec. 9th!

The Derrit

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Hey everyone, so I know a bunch of people here play/have played super smash brothers pretty consistently, and being a former melee player myself this is something I've been keeping tabs on for awhile now. Project M (for Melee) is essentially Brawl retooled without infinite airdodges, tripping, superfloatiness, and everything bad about the Brawl engine. It has been replaced with melee mechanics, and some of the characters have even been rebalanced and given new moves. It's pretty awesome. At this point in time, the 2.6b is out, and it features the majority of the characters in brawl.

Certain characters have had moves altered or even completely changed! Metaknight is one of those characters. Many of his annoying traits, (such as unbeatable b moves and infinite recovery) have been nerfed, while still leaving him with fast, fairly powerful moves. He feels like he came from melee all along! To see what they've done with your favorite character, check out the Character Section. Several of the stages have also been revamped to create a fairer fighting environment, some stages have been brought back from previous games (think Zelda 64) and there are even some completely new stages! Check it out.

Video Section

got completely remade for this game! It's that good!

I know being that guy who's like "hey ocr you should get involved in this" is a noob move especially since I don't do music (well) but seeing as this is a complete retool it might be something to look into! Many of the stages have replaced music, and it'd be awesome to see something like that teamed up with OCR here.

On top of this, a lot of the music in trailers is already from OCR, so clearly they like your guys' music. Just be like "hey use it in game" and they'd be like SWEET and you'd be like DUDE and it would continue forever

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Possibly removing clones and just bad characters.

It's just a demo. They haven't finished all the characters yet. They still have no clue, as far as I know, what they're gonna do with some of them. Metaknight, for example.

I have been following P:M for a while and I'm pretty excited about it. Sadly, my Wii shit the bed a while back.

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29 playable characters...? :\

There's a big article on IGN about this mod that got put up recently. The 2nd demo has 29, but they're doing the entire cast; right now, that's what they have done. Over time everyone will be represented and I'm also pretty confident that question mark is mewtwo who they're bringing back.

http://projectm.dantarion.com/index.php this is their main website.

This is the IGN article, which is actually written pretty well.

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Also it's amazing what they achieved with what is basically an insanely long chain of "Gameshark Codes".

The most impressive part are all of the custom animations for new moves. Great, great stuff.

Still don't know whether I prefer this or Balanced Brawl, which retains the overall Brawl feel while giving everyone one fun new thing and balancing out the cast (though not as tightly as P:M).

I'm really looking forward to implementations of Ivysaur and ZSS, my two favorite characters in Brawl.

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I just tried it this morning and I was very impressed by it! I was also impressed at just how easy it was to install the mod. I haven't done any modding of my Wii (just my PSP) and this was a snap to set up. If anyone is afraid to mess with their system, don't be, all it requires is the SD card to have the stuff set up (Which is done via an easy installer) and all custom stages deleted. It was very easy!

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I'm really looking forward to implementations of Ivysaur

i swear to god if they take away that tether up b i'm going to be so mad

i also love ivysaur. honestly i feel like his moveset with l-cancels would make for a perfectly good character. fair pops up for combos, up-air is a good finisher, downair is a good edgeguard option, nair (and nair toespike) are awesome, neutral b is like rest antithesis (never kills but does massive damage when you hit it) side b is a good projectile, and upair has some awesome on and off stage applications. as long as they balanced up the backair to do similar knockback as it does now; if they put that in melee physics it would do literally nothing.

oh yeah and all of his tilts are pretty beastmode. uptilt's hitbox kinda sucks but then it also dodges stuff on the ground so that's cool

b-down as an aoe poison move would be kind of awesome. and cement him as a spacing character

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