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Seiken Densetsu 3: Songs of Light and Darkness - History

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I started a wip. Should I post it here, or keep it within the project circle?

Oh, did we forget about you? There is a WIP forum set up for the purpose of ReMixers critique and improvement of WIPs. If you never received information about how to get on there, please PM me :)

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Have I been kicked off the "other" fourms? My account dosent seem to exsist anymore. :(

Sounds like a serious issue. You can be sure you haven't been kicked off, but there was a server upgrade, I think, so it might have caused some trouble. I will talk with Zak about this issue after I get home this evening. He controls that server.

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What are the deadlines?

The private site is dead: unexpected '[' in fusion_core.php on line 25


The first WIP deadline is October 15th. However, this does not apply for people that joined recently. If you have your reasons for an extemption, tell us here or via ICQ/AIM/MSN/YIM. About the private forums: I will ask Zak when I come back in a few hours.

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OK, here is an important announcement:

The 1st WIP due date will be prolonged for one month.

The server is undergoing maintenance right now and everyone seems to have problems with it, including Zak. In addition there were some people who were short on free time, so relax. Have a cappuchino :)

The 1st WIP deadline will be set to 15th November.

People who want to take some of the songs that are still open are encouraged to do so, as well. Just PM me or write here in the thread that you want a specific track and I'll sign you up in a breeze :)

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Cool... but my question still seems to be unanswered... my WIP is ready; what do I do with it?

For the sake of not quoting myself, I suggest you add me in the Messenger of your choice and send it that way, or mail it to my mail address, everything works :)

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Due to some serious problems with university I will most likely not be able to get much done in the short-term. My university placement is now being moved to next year, so I'm pretty messed up. Have to find a job to be able to live and at the moment I'm over £2k down. As soon as I have the job though, expect me to work on this as I am going to build up a portfolio which includes music.

I had produced a very quick WIP for this but then didn't post it for feedback. Reasons above show ultimately why. I will be able to work on it more once(if) things turn out ok.


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Everyone listen: There are some wrong track names in the RAR!

Everyone who is affected by this please post here to make clear there are no conflicting remixes right now!

We apologize for any inconvenience. If everyone here has chosen tracks according to the RAR, a ring change should be possible. There are 4 tracks that are affected by this:

"Obsession", which is wrongly assigned as "Secret of Mana"

"Secret of Mana", which is wrongly assigned as "Strange Medicine"

"Strange Medicine", which is wrongly assigned as "Black Soup"

"Black Soup", which is wrongly assigned as "Obsession"

You can click the links to get the proper SPC files that are named accordingly to the OSV CD tracks. Again, sorry for any inconvenience this problem has caused you!

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Another track mixed up here. "Legend" from the SPCs was "Reincarnation" from the OSV CD. Thanks to Jormungand to clear things up.

I have updated the whole SPC set in the first post. Everything is correct now.

Everyone, please get the updated SPC collection version from the first post!

Now, we have to get feedback from the mixers which are doing the tracks that were changed ASAP!!

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OK, since no one replied to my posting, I have to call names...

The following people please report here ASAP!!!



There are *SERIOUS* issues with the tracks you have taken that should be discussed ASAP!!!

Well I'm pretty sure that Angels Fear was one of those that *wasn't* jumbled up. I have a WIP, as promised.


A little empty so far, but I hope it's the kind of idea. I will broaden out on what I have, honest ;)

Cool thing, I like it :) I'm looking forward to see this one finished!

Oh yeah, one thing... You should post it in the internal WIP discussion forum instead of here, but you can always change that :) If you don't have the login information, PM me, OK? :)

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I've been working on a few synths for my song (strange medicine).

Basically, I have started the process, but no wip yet.

Which "Strange Medicine" do you mean? The problem is that there were some confused files in the SPC collection. You can easily understand by reading the last few postings I made. Please take your time to do so, OK? It's really, really important! I don't want anyone to do something in vain!

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Man, I don't want to see either Rolling Cradle or Where Angels Fear to Tread dropped. :(

Y'know, I can see a big techno/rock thing going on for RC. Get a strong beat going in the back, throw in a little guitar noodlin', maybge a bass line for a little more power...Even though I'm making it sound easy, I'm sure one of you has the skills to do it. [/throwing out ideas]

...*goes looking for Prophecy*

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Please tell me, are there any problems with the internal forums? There have been no new posts for a long time, so I suspect something is going terribly wrong.

Usa, the WIP forums are just inherently slow. There's not a whole lot of new posts made in here in comparison to other sections of the board, since readership of the WIP section is a little lower. Sometimes a good BUMP is necessary. ;)

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