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OCR02439 - Kirby's Dream Land "Gliding on a Silver Lining"


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Ever since discovering it on R:TS a while back, this has become one of my favorite remixes, not just from Stevo, but of all time.

"Soothing" and "Refreshing" are the first words that come to my mind when listening to this excellent arrangement.

It's an inspiring piece, filled with emotion and reminiscent of the simple joy that games once used to bring.

Best of all: it got me playing Kirby's Dream Land. So thanks again for sharing this with the world. :)

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99 internets to stevo. i loves me some kirby's dream land. one of those games that always gets the old nostalgia going. when i was a young lad of 7 or 8 i played it for days and days. i wasn't much good at that game at first, but when i did finally beat it and got the sound test code, first thing i did was run a 1/8" stereo cord from the headphones out to my stepdad's ridonculous stereo system.

stevo does one of my favrite tracks great justices. GOOD ON YOU, SIR. GOOD ON YOU. makes this jolly fatman even jollier. and fatter?

man i wish i had a good place to record acousticscss

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Bubbly clouds on acoustic guitar is just so gorgious, and a damn fine way to begin (along with end) the ReMix. Managing to add in the victory song and Green Greens while keeping up the beautiful sound of the guitar was wonderful. Probably one of my favorite Stevo ReMixes so far and a high quality Kirby ReMix for sure.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02439 - Kirby's Dream Land "Gliding on a Silver Lining"

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