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Mega Man X: The Grand Maverick Remix Battle 2012


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I think I got a decent arrangement on my mind. I'm on the progress of writing it right now!

Since WillRock 'rocked' Infinity Mijinion with his 80's rock track from Maverick Rising, I tried to take the song to a different style. Hope it works...

I'm finished with the writing... just need to polish it up.


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Darke; is there any specific site that you got your badge pics from? Obviously Google image search is the most obvious, but I just wondered if there was a specific place you got official artwork from?

I dunno about Darke, but here's my spots... for sprites, I usually go to Sprites Inc, they usually have whatever I need. Also, The Mega Man Network has a huge gallery of basically every official (actually official :P) piece of art from the MM series.



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Search around for "hooge" fonts. Those are the pixel fonts I use. Make sure you turn off any kind of smoothing in Photoshop, and use the right font size so that you don't get weird lumpy resizing.

Concerning the Nana art, I've put a link to the artist's DeviantArt in the first post underneath the badges, and I've also sent her a message on DA asking her if it's alright that we use her artwork of Nana. If she comes back and says "no," I'll change the neutral badge to another character with official art if I can't find good official art of Nana.

Anyway, back to the tournament.

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What? We had some PS2 Maverick representation for once, and both mixers went down without a fight :cry: I just hope this compo doesn't end up like the WWRR in which half the participants drop off the face of the planet.

Aside from that bit of whinging, great first round! I'm really looking forward to the Zero bracket matchups now!

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Got mine finished. I'll turn mine in tonight after a little production touch-up - I won't have access to anything for the rest of the week, so I didn't have too many options but to finish early.

I've been trying to do that myself. This first week of school is damn hectic, and I realized I'll be gone Saturday to see the Zelda Symphony.

I'll finish 'er up in the next few days I'm hoping.

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