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Mega Man X: The Grand Maverick Remix Battle 2012


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haha my is sloppy too and I have to wake up early tomorrow to mix it quickly before going to work..can't work with speakers when it's late, my baby's bedroom is right beside my music area. Man I hope I don't win (actually never thought about this versus thing) but you won't win by default, I'll upload something at least. things are panned and EQ'd but need to match the volumes with speakers.

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Oh, it will be. It will be. I have some 240 BPM shredding worthy of Dragonforce, haha. BEAT TAHT.

Oh sweet. I've flawlessly and intricately implemented every bit of each source and included a symbolic Maverick battle. Seriously, some bits are used in more than one way and I even managed to make them sound good playing simultaneously. In 6/8.

Oh, and funk.

Finally can't wait to start my song today. I've been listening to a lot of linkin park recently, so expect me to go back to hip hoppish beats this week. :D Excited.

For a second, I thought you were in the Zero Bracket and trolling.

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Source breakdown for my tune:

For the sake of this, I'm going to say that each source's melody has a part A and part B which should be pretty apparent from listening to them.

0:08-0:34 - Bubble Crab's (BC) intro modified for 4/4 time. Slightly more subtle at 0:16.

0:34-0:52 - Sting Chameleon's (SC) A

0:52-1:09 - BC's B

1:09-1:27 - SC's A fragmented

1:44-2:03 - BC's B

2:03-2:16 - BC's intro (modified) underneath a heavily modified SC-A for 6/8 time.

2:16-2:29 - BC-A

2:29-2:48 - SC-B

2:49-3:01 - SC-A and BC-A alternating

3:15-3:28 - SC-B and BC-B at the same time

3:28-3:41 - chords are from BC's theme after the melody

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Source breakdown for my tune

Nice preemptive strike EDIT: and holy shit, looks like you really did your homework on that one. Nice man. Although I HAVE heard Nathan's, and it's really badass as well. This may be the match up I'm looking forward to the most ;)

Really looking forward to the Zero mixes, yo :D


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Please don't be ProjectSpam, PLEASE don't be ProjectSpam.

If I went through on a technicallity with shit that I submitted it would be a fucking travesty.

I have no more time to work on my track, so I sent it in to Darke. It's sloppy and I could do a lot more with it but I'm fairly pleased with how it turned out. Hoping to get a lot of constructive feedback throughout the week!

Seems like he submitted.

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