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Over three years in the making, we're proud to announce the availability of UPDATED SITE TORRENTS!

If some of you are saying, "Hey, you've had torrents for a long time, why is this news so special??," well, let us tell you:

The previous torrents only went up to mix #OCR01900. This set goes up to ELEVEN... err, we mean #OCR02500!!

Above and beyond simply including more mixes, EVERY SINGLE FILE has been UPDATED to have CONSISTENT & COMPLETE ID3 TAGS, including track #, iTunes-friendly compilation & artist/album tags, and the official OCR album art. Metadata like mix title, game composer, and artist/ReMixer name have also been updated to match the site.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Wherever possible, we've ALSO replaced lower-quality encodes with HIGHER-QUALITY ENCODES @ 192Kbps or VBR1! Hundreds of old classics have been updated to sound better-than-ever, so in addition to better metadata, the audio itself is (in many cases) improved.

What are you waiting for??? DOWNLOAD ALL THE THINGS!!! (2,355 files total, FYI, since we've removed some material in the past)


OCR started back in the days when:

  • djp recommended you download the files late at night to not hammer the server
  • Downloading large files hogged your dial-up connection
  • Long filenames were the devil
  • The iPod wasn't even invented yet

Nearly 13 years later, the site's come a long way, and it's time the quality of our files and metadata caught up to the quality of the rest of the site.

This was a 3 1/2 year project by me (Larry "Liontamer" Oji) along with final QC work and implementation by djpretzel. If you're a geek like us, you can check out the comprehensive list of updates here! http://ocremix.org/info/Torrent_Update_v20121012

In short, here's the laundry list of what was done:

  • Embedded official album artwork (lovingly designed by djpretzel)
  • Standardized filenames and ID3v2.3 tags (e.g. proper game titles, correct capitalization/spacing of mix titles)
  • Quality control & corrections of all existing fields (e.g. ReMixer name changes, missing/corrected composers/platforms/years)
  • Removed all non-standard ID3v2.3 tags and all non-ID3v2.3 tags (e.g. ID3v1, APE)
  • MP3 validation (e.g. MPEG frame consistency, length of stored VBR header) for player compatibility
  • Added missing VBR headers
  • Upgraded encodings at either 192kbps or VBR1 quality, when available
  • Trimmed prolonged silence (+4 seconds of no audio data)
  • Album is now "http://ocremix.org" (no "www")
  • Compilation flag set for grouping of single mixes as one album
  • Track # is now populated with the numeric value of the mix ID (e.g. OCR01234 = 1234)
  • Title field includes single quotes around mix title (e.g. Sonic the Hedgehog 'Love Hurts' OC ReMix instead of Sonic the Hedgehog Love Hurts OC ReMix)
  • Added ReMix titles (w/o game name prefix & 'OC ReMix' suffix) to Subtitle field
  • Added artist submission and website comments to Comments field
  • Embedded confirmed lyrics in Comments and Unsynced Lyrics fields
  • Standardized URL field (http://ocremix.org/artist/ OC ReMix Artist profile)
  • Populated Grouping/Content Group field with game name for sorting by game title
  • Populated Publisher (OverClocked ReMix), Album Artist (OverClocked ReMix) and Album Artist URL ("http://ocremix.org") fields

I hope artists and fans alike enjoy the updates! - Larry



How did you do all this work, Larry? Are you a machine?


I'm an OC ReMixer! But I didn't send Larry my WAVs to upgrade the bitrate of my music. Can I still send what I have?

Yes! Larry is still accepting WAVs so that we can upgrade older ReMixes with higher-quality encodings down the line. Your WAVs have to be the exact same version of the song as what's on OC ReMix, there cannot be any changes.

Please contact Larry by email (larryoji@ocremix.org) or forum PM, host your WAVs somewhere and he'll get them.

How current is this set of torrents?

The new torrents include everything from mix #1 to mix #2500. As of today (October 18th, 2012), we have posted OC ReMix #2511, so there are 11 mixes (the most recent ones) not included in the torrents. Anything after mix #2500, you would need to download yourself from the actual ReMix pages.

Are all the albums included?

No, the album torrents are separate. (Download them from http://ocremix.org/torrents/.) These new torrents are just for the ReMixes that go through the individual submissions process.

I already have a lot of the ReMixes. Which ones should I replace?

You should replace everything. This new set of torrents updates the ReMixes to have the most accurate information and makes them fully compatible and sortable in your smartphone or portable music player!

When I read the Comments section of a ReMix in iTunes, the text cuts off. Is the file messed up?

No. The full comments are intact, and that's a character limit viewing limitation of iTunes. If you use a program like WinAmp to view the tags, you can see the full comments.

I've already rated the mixes in iTunes to help me sort them. Do I have to re-rate them?

Yes. Comparing the new set to your old set in the same iTunes window and matching up the ratings again is your best bet.

I don't want to lose the Play Count statistics I have in iTunes. What can I do?

You have to mess with some code, but it's possible to manually change your Play Count numbers.

Google some resources. :-) Larry recommends http://joe.siegler.net/2010/11/how-to-change-the-play-count-number-in-itunes/ as a resource.

I change the tags to display things the way I want for my personal collection. How can I do that with the new set of ReMixes?

Mp3tag is by far the best MP3 tag editing program out there, and was the program used for this project. (Download it and please donate to Mp3tag, it's well worth it.)

If you explore Mp3tag's scripting options (Actions), there are ways to batch edit the files so that, for example:

  • you can embed different album artwork
  • you can copy the composer names, company names, or game titles to the Artist field
  • you can copy the game titles to the Album field
  • you can remove the game name and "OC ReMix" from the song title and replace it with just the name of the ReMix (by replacing the Title tag with the data from the Subtitle tag)

Whatever you want to do, Mp3tag presents you a lot of options and is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by OC ReMix.


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Awesome! The inconsistencies in remixes of different eras always poked my OCD whenever I noticed it, but not bad enough to actually fix them all myself. Definitely badass too have new official versions that are all standardized.

What's official policy on the old torrents? Stop seeding, so people will get the new versions? Or keep seeding, with the idea that any OCR is better than no OCR?

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Since we can't seem to get the torrents at the moment, any chance for a magnet link or three? Or even just a mirror?

Let 'em go. They're obsolete now, and no longer listed on the site, so you should put them out to pasture too. :-)

Since the management have previously removed one of my favourite tracks, I for one won't be doing that.

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