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SITE HELP: OCR Sheet Music/Tabs/MIDIs

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Since I do literally everything in notation first, THEN record, I actually should have sheets for everything I've ever done.

Just looking through old files, I have these scores:
Metroid Title Screen is Cazador De Recompensas
Underwater is Reflecting Pool (to be posted soon)

As Blew the Winds So Forward Marched Time - Full Score.pdf Metroid Title Screen - Full Score.pdf Underwater (Horns) Double - Full Score.pdf

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@Koriantor Yes.... actually, we've built out a "remix_attachments" table and the requisite functionality, we just need to upload what we've got, incorporate it into the front-end of the site, and do a

Okay, I've fixed the Reuben Kee links. Some central/cloud hosting sounds like a great idea though!

Looks like a good number of the links are broken.  I'm desperately looking for a copy of Reuben Kee's "The Place We Knew" Has OCR considered hosting sheets itself if provided by the remixer?  I l

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I don't have them uploaded anywhere special but if anyone wants them, I do have sheet music for all of my ReMixes:


Golden Sun - Angarian Vigil

Golden Sun - I'm Golden, Son

Golden Sun - Streets of Tolbi

Skies of Arcadia - Better Days

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