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OCR01445 - Shadow of the Ninja "Two Shadows Appear"


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Um dos melhores guitarristas que eu ouvi ao redor foi certamente BrainCells. A instrumentação toda é agradável neste ReMix. A bateria é legal pra caramba. Eu nunca joguei o jogo. Mas esta música me traz uma certa visão de como o original deve ser: aventuras ninjísticas com mistérios sombrios ou o que for heheh. O final soa bem MegaMan heheh. É muito divertido escutar isto; é uma diversão sem interrupções. É cheio de variações e de fortes linhas melódicas. É uma música que faz a gente se sentir melhor entre tanto gringo. Uma outra prova de que nós brasileiros fazemos músicas surpreendentes.

Definitivamente do caralho!! Sou um grande fã. :)

In english: Great stuff.

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Yay, BrainCells!

Ok, I am going Txai style and write in portuguese:

Iei, Células do Cérebro!

Eu me lembro de ter comentado que você andava sumido da OCR. Fico feliz que tenha postado essa música. Acho que é um dos trabalhos mais pesados que já ouvi do senhor, fora "Spread your Fire...". Acho que os synths são uma adição fantástica, por favor explore mais esse seu lado eletrônico!!!=D

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My favorite NES soundtrack ever. And this version is just so absolutely FREAKING fabulous! Definetly one of my favorites in OCR ever.

For years I´ve been planning to remix tunes from this game, but now, like a shuriken to my eye, BrainCells makes all my material look so embarassing.

Everything here is just top notch. The sounds are excellent, and the synths are truly heavenly. This really pays tribute to the original and sounds very much alike. And to me thats only a good thing. The guitar sounds and the synths are so freaking Nintendo (and I mean this in a good..., no, in THE BEST way). I couldn´t ask for more. BEAUUUTIFUL.

This is just.. WHOAAAaaa...

Its about time OCR got this game covered..


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this mix rocks!

Can't believe somebody actually chose this game, total props to YOU Braincells. Shadow of the Ninja was/is an awesome game for the ol'NES, a game that got overshadowed by the Ninja Gaiden series. Seems appropriate that Natsume and Tecmo combined to make NinjaGaiden for gameboy which combined the best of the 2 games inluding the music. Will a S.C.A.T. remix be far behind??? :D

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The remixer caught the atmosphere of the game and made a remix that fits perfectly to the game action. Well arranged. Effects used wisely. My special point goes to the guittars. Quick rhythm in the right parts... Really good stuff here. If you din't hear it yet, it's time. Satisfaction guarantee! Approved by a "Shadow of the Ninja in NES time player".

I wanna see more of this guy. Keep it up, man!

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Holy shit that is a powerful rhythm guitar tone. \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/


Excellent playing all around, some great synths, and a tight, concise arrangement. I am completely baffled how something this rocking could be ignored for over 2 years. Oh wait, obscure game. The only percieved weakness in this is that the ending wasn't as strong as the rest of the track, and could have used about 2 measures of an ascending riff added to where it sortof stops.

This completely slays. Highly recommended for anyone with a affinity for all things rock.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01445 - Shadow of the Ninja "Two Shadows Appear"

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