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After hearing that Sony may not block used games, I have high hopes for the system. We'll see what happens. I think this E3 will be one of the more epic ones.

I'll settle for Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo spending 75%+ of their shows talking about the games coming out for their systems. If they do that at least, I'll be content.

Although I'll give Sony more leeway on that, since they, more than Microsoft (and definitely more than Nintendo, for obvious reasons) will need to spend time talking about their console.

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Just started at 9:17pm. Not bad? Get hype :-D

Is it just me or does the new Beyond: Two Souls trailer look completely different from before? It looks like a CoD type game now... so weird

Gran Turismo 6 has the "uncanny valley" but for cars, is that possible? :-P

HAH, They showed the PS4 finally and it looks EXACTLY the same as the prediction I saw on Reddit

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I would have preferred a flat box with rounded edges and a disc tray with a lid that pops up and--oh wait, that's the PS1. But I still have a ps1 that works to this day, these new designs are too shitty and break, and need repair too often. Go back to stable basics IMO.

The Order 1886 new IP looked cool.

If all they're going to show is shooters, they're not gonna get my business. Shooters are PC only, I'm not trying to aim with a controller.

InFamous Second Son still looks awesome.

Knack looks sweet.

Strong launch titles.

The Dark Sorcerer LOLS! Awesome

TRANSISTOR!! Looks good!

They just showed like 17 games with early PS4 exclusiveness console-wise (I know some of them are already on PC)

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Absolutely no restrictions on used games. Sony has just won the internet.

I've never seen this before, fans are actually chanting "Sony! Sony! Sony!"

No question. Sony has just made a day one buyer out of me. I've never bought a system within the first 3 years of it's life before.

Uhhhh, that is, I will buy it day one up to $500. We'll see what they put as a price.

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The internet reaction I'm seeing so far is brand loyalty at its worst.

Basically it went like this:

PS4 Reveal = "Wow, this thing looks lame and I won't be buying one."

Now = "OMFG Kingdom Hearts 3 and two more Final Fantasy games that will probably be the very definition of mediocrity just like the previous 3 games!? I am so sold. Take my money."

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Kingdom Hearts 3. Better exclusives. Used games. No always on-line.


I think we have a winner here... until Sony lets slip that they're pricing it at $50,000.

No, but seriously, how much is it? That's the last (potential) nail in the XBone coffin.

EDIT: Just saw I missed the price announcement. $400... yeah, that'll do it.

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Price: $399

It's the obvious choice against Xbone, and competitive with Wii U (being honest, it's the obvious choice against Wii U)

I think we have a winner here... until Sony lets slip that they're pricing it at $50,000.

No, but seriously, how much is it? That's the last (potential) nail in the XBone coffin.


OMG hah they got me as a customer for ps4

I didn't think i'd be involved in the new consoles

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Sony's Press Conference:

Vita: LOL!


PS4 Hardware Reveal: He look at that Xbox One. So where is the real PS4? That... That's it? Sigh. ALSO THERE IS A FUCKING KINECT ATTACHED TO IT!

PS4 App Rundown: Okay so this is really an Xbox One eh? Clouds, movies, music, tv. Sigh.

The Order 1886: Looks like it could be cool, but I am really sick of the Steampunk themes.

Killzone 4: Meh.

#Driveclub: Forza for Playstation. Bonus points for being free to Playstation Plus users at launch.

Infamous Second Son: Looks fucking awesome.

Knack: It is a thing!

The Dark Sorcerer: ????

Transistor: That art style looks fucking cool.

The Indie Throwdown: Sony is trying to win the Indie crowd hard.

New Oddworld Game: GREAT!! Until you found out it was a remake.

Diablo 3: Still sucks, only now on PS3 and 4.

Final Fantasy 15: Wow. Just wow. That looks really good. For the first time in nearly 10 years, I really want to play a main series FF game.


Final Fantasy 14: Meh.

Assassins Creed 4: It mustve been really cold in the auditorium, cause that game froze up good. The awkward shuffle off stage was hilarious.

Watchdogs: Holy Crap this game looks awesome!

Sports: The Sportening

The Elder Scrolls Online: PC Woooooooo!


The Microsoft Dick Kicking: PS4 elaborated on used games, online check ins and everything that Microsoft don't. However they glossed over the fact that PS4 requires PSPlus for online.

Destiny: The Best Not Halo Game I have ever seen.

Price Drop: 399, Microsoft be damned.

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