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DuckTales Remastered: WOO-OO! (It's out! GO DUCKING GET IT!)

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It's surprising for people who didn't check imdb specifically for reasons not to be surprised.

Actually, I checked it to see who did the voicework for DuckTales in the first place. Sorry I don't already know everything, yo.

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It's like... Almost as if... Someone other than an indie game dev. remembered what a good game is composed of! Too bad it's just "remastered" and not a whole new game though.

Ever since I saw this I've had the theme song going through my head nonstop. Anyone else?


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An article basically stating that there could be more Disney-Capcom titles in the future, depending on sales of this game:


Man, companies always say stuff like that to try to scare people into buying games. It rarely if ever works. :-/

The people who would buy a DuckTales game are going to buy it either way.

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Ah I have fond memories of the original ducktales.

If it's on the 3DS's eShop I'll probably get this assuming it's going for a reasonable price of course.

Also, this is not coming to 3DS or Vita. Apparently, they could only do so many consoles so handhelds weren't viable.


Unfortunately, it won't be.

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